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Simple Plan - Summer Paradise (Australia)

Simple Plan - Summer Paradise (Australia)

Average: 4.9 (85 votes)
Posted by: Amanderz

Directed By: Mark Staubach

Directed By: Mark Staubach

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on December 13, 2011 - 10:18am
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Directed By: Mark Staubach

Average: 4.9 (85 votes)


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mi Pierre tan hermoso!

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O sorriso mais belo do mundo Pierre!

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Best band EVER!!

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pierre bouvier the best .. and your band .. <3

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exellent video

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Please come to Queretaro, Mexico!!!! here you have a BIG FAN!! :(

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look like you guys have a lot of fun ;)

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oh i LIKE this song

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Este video me encanta, porque es un grupo genial los amo...

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i'll be there in a heart beat!

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Eu amo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuito vcs <3

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ohh¿¿ this song its so, great,,,

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love this video, so much!
now summer paradise is on italian's radio! SOOOOOO HAPPY!

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Excellent boys
I luv the song - i love the video

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this video is great,but also it shows that all of you are really human and absolutely congenial!
and this song is amazing,really really amazing!
thank you so much,simple plan!
i love you<3

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i looovvve this video!!

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wooo Go Australia

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One of my favorite songs. Take note, all my favorite songs is performed by simple plan!

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Love It

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I love this song!

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love it!!!!!

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I love it ^^

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trop stylé comment ils se jettent dans la fosse au concert ^^ super vidéo!

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l love vegiemite no way l would have it spread on that thick lol

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I really love this band so i push my self to be like them.,.,.

so pratice harder

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Isn`t Brazil Summer Paradise too?
Rio de Janeiro is waiting for a video made in here!

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Oh! I love this song ! :D You're so wonderful

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This is one of the best songs I heard in my whole life.. I'm from Argentina, we love you guys, hopefully you'll come here soon! :)