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Tour life!

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Posted by Chuck


Bumblebee's picture

Chuck! I love your shoes! ♥ Muah

seb-astronaut's picture

obviously, you're enjoying it :)
nice socks btw :D

Tam VM's picture

haha love the photo :3 seriously. I want a pair of socks like yours :D and who knows what was Pierre doing that looks so concentrated :P

Stephanie P.'s picture

Nice Chucks and nice socks, Chuck!

danidsm's picture

niiiice :)

Haushinka_2's picture

like these ripped Pierre's jeans x)

MonicaSP's picture

Belle photo ! :) Je vois des biscuits Princes ! *____* Miam

simple plan morgane's picture

super chaussettes :)

Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Haha, amazing ! :D

mariamargaretha's picture

whose shoes is that?chuck?

MapacheCotilla's picture

Lulz, am I the only one who have noticed that Pierre looks have horns in the mirror?

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Lucia_SP's picture

Hahaha Chuck feet out of table!!!! LOL
Pierre!! you're a phone addicted!!! LOL

sonia_italy's picture

nice socks ;)

Shaula's picture

Just Joking haaha =)) anyway pretty awesome =)

Shaula's picture

Pierre sit like a girl lol xD hahaha

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Nice socks, Chuck!

Aiyana J. Harris's picture

This must mean I'm on tour alot..... I Love texting

Nina1988's picture

nice socks :)

ellicarnevali's picture

YO Pierre, tweet me, and u'll make me the happiest girl in the world :))

Susan Vd Staaij's picture

awesome right, the telephones?

Susan Vd Staaij's picture

hahaha amazing!