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Them is some pretty cool airplane socks.

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Posted by Seb

-Sebastien. mobile



cyclothymie's picture

Vive la schtroumpf attitude ! ^_^

SPsavedLo's picture

it's fashion and cool XD

still_not_get_enough's picture

I like them xD
I would like to fly with them, too xD

Bibiflocfloc's picture

c'est clair que c'est relax !! "heart heart, heart is so jetlaged !!" pas tes pieds en tous cas =^^=

Micki_SP's picture

amazing blue socks. Like them. :)

xxjessieskittlesxx's picture

AWSOME SOCKS!!! Very Stylish !!! lol

kathsass's picture

... i want some of these socks... ;)

dannieSP's picture

haha nice!

princessofrock91's picture


tiff_hk's picture

wow, first class ;)

x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

I agreee, very stylish!

luletta91's picture

i want them!!!

crystal_3's picture

nice xD

olara_10's picture

hahha . nice colour . ;D

SPerfect's picture

:P love these one!have a nice flight Seb ^^

VivaLaVale's picture

Bon voyage :P

Tam VM's picture

hope your feet don't get jetlagged XD

Jess.SP4ever's picture

ouh 1st class is another thing....have a nice flight Seb!

Zebralina Xana Mendes's picture

1 class eu vo láno bagajero

MariiZee_2's picture

Just when I thought you couldn't be more adorable...

Thanairi's picture

Have a excellent flight! .... :)

spxnbc's picture

Look at you chilling! Wish my flights were like that...

kyra_94's picture

do u fly 1st class?

Léanne_5's picture

ha ha ha !! loll

Karen_7's picture

I liked it! Your pants looks warm! :P Nice shocks, sebby!

JanaSPCrew's picture

Have a nice flight :) By the way: nice socks ^^

danaSP's picture

Have a good flight!!!! you guys r AWESOME!!!

Alejandra_3's picture

hahahaha xD are you comfortable?

Maria Clara_5's picture

wtf xD

calypso-olya's picture

blue socks ) it's greate )