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Summer Paradise Video Shoot

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Posted by Amanderz

Photo by Chady



Days's picture

I love this pic. It's funny:).

Clem Cranberry's picture

? ? ? Toute la Bande X) i love you

isela_sp's picture

these guys... i just love them!

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Filipa Cardoso's picture

such an amazing pic haha i love you guys ^^

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María Ratatouille's picture

Ohh! I love it ! You are very handsome and funny!

emiliec26's picture

lmao Pierre on dirai que ur arm's like 10 ft long!! xD

cwojo18's picture

Aww love it! U guy are so amazing! Cant wait to see the video!

Siimpleplanera96's picture

jeff! xDD' Love you Guys !!! please come back MEXICO!!! (:

severine_chouu's picture

Quel groupe !! J'adore cette photo !

marie339's picture

très belle photo les gars ;D :3

Mariion_12's picture

awesome!! *________*

Charlie_Percussion's picture

awseome *-*

Roldy Lee's picture

Jeff & David both look cuh-raaazy!

Maleny Saldaña's picture

mexico we love you!!!!!!!!!!! you're the best band!!!!!!

Maleny Saldaña's picture

we love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Dominika Fojutowska's picture

Love you guys ! :)

lovinSP's picture

Favorite picture! Love you guys

Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

Ça se sent que le ROCK est en vous, ça se sent, ça se sent que c'est vraiment vous! :P