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New sp singer?

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Posted by Pierre

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Marissol Oliveira's picture

I don't believe!

Léanne_5's picture

ha ha j'avais mm pas remarquer david en arrière qui se cachais ha ha ha XD

Camilla Bichweiler's picture

I really wanna see how are the David's hair.

Dani Bouvier's picture

Jeff on the phone and the hand between his legs XD LMAO, all of you look so handsome

I Love SP_3's picture

LOL, so funny!

Andréa Bouvier_2's picture

hahaha :B

dannieSP's picture

you're so funny guys! awesome pic! xD

SimplexPlan's picture

Is it the Sebastien's new haircut ?

brokenthings's picture

hahaha so funny! I love it :D!

Thnx4allChuck's picture

xD awesome

TeresaDestinco's picture

awww jeff?

cami2222's picture

lol funny you guys

mariandurand's picture

I love you guys... you're funny!

Yuka's picture

David... lolll

Lindsey Trimble's picture


VickyComeau's picture

hahaha, funny pic :)
David's hand between Jeff's legs lol

Loowestin's picture

I loved! But I prefer the last one too ;) ²

simona_3's picture

OMG Chuck hahahahaha :D

Sophiesue's picture

hahahaha nice ;D is that David behind Jeff? ;)

noemi_splover's picture

hahahahaha that´s funny.... but i think he looks better than pierre? ahahaha just kidding!

thecarmenata's picture

Sure! Who needs Pierre anyway? xD

Jake_3's picture

Whose hand is under Jeff? Hey there! ^^

Maryangel's picture

So funny =)

XxRoos_SP's picture

haha awesome! :D Is that David in te back? xD Still prefer the old singer though.. :))

Ste Pacheco's picture

I loved! But I prefer the last one too ;)

Rachel Amadeu's picture

lol that's why I love you guys... you're funny!

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danigirl76's picture

Oh, where is David again?

May_'s picture

Is that David's hand under Jeff's crotch?

@SonhoComCanada's picture

haha pretty funny