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Let's get this trending #10yearsNoPads

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Posted by Jeff

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happy 10 years :)

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hey i love you

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ten again xD

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J'vais peut-être avoir l'air stupide mais... Ça veut dire quoi, trending, trend et tout, à la fin ? u_u ^^'

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Posting my pic tomorrow! Couldnt get it to work today, need a computer. wish I coulda posted it today tho. Love u guys so much! Thanks u for 10 incredible, inspiring, life changing years! U saved NY life on numerous occassions. Im forever grateful. U guys have been my biggest role models. I keep up on everything. I cant get enough... Youve been present every day of my life since day one . I dont know what I would have done without u... Id do anything to talk to u guys for an even an hour... Get to ask what I want and give u the chance to know one me... See u on tour!

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High Five!!... Oh noo, HIGH TEN!!!

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10 ans déjà ! :)

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10 years :')

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10 years :-))

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Très beau parcours ! :D Vous avez fait le tour du monde et conquit nos coeurs !! ;)
Bon anniversaire ! :) Continuez aisin !! ;)

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BON ANNIVERSAIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Continuez comme vous le faites, vous êtes les meilleurs! ?

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Je suis trop contente pour vous : bon parcours! :D

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Congratulations!! :D

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Amazing! I'm so proud of you guys it's insane! Love it love it love it!

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thanks for 10 years jeff! ILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

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I posted my photo on my profile
I am very happy because I'm a fan since 2002
this is more than half of my life
Simple Plan is present at all times

thank you for being part of my life for so long
10 years from now we will celebrate the 10's "GYHO!" and 20 "No Pads"

I love you!

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Congrats !!! I love you guys :D

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Hey Jeff, thanks for 10 years of excellent music!

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Congratulations!!! I've been loving you for ten years.

I Love Simple Plan you are my favorite band!!!

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10 years without breaking up, changing a member or taking a break! You guys are AMAIZING!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations and thank you for all this time! From Barcelona

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#10YearsNoPads!!!! Congrats

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Congratulations!!!! :D

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Ça nous fait vieillir ça!!! ;)

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Congrats! :D

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Jeff you are amazing, Paraguay loves you C;