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Just arrived in loa cai. 5am. Next stop Sapa. #stophumantrafficking

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Posted by Pierre


SPsavedLo's picture

I see David, Jeff and Seb ^^

Shaula's picture

I see David lol hahahaha =)

AdriAstronaut's picture

ahahah Jeff looks kinda tired! <3

LeslieA's picture

Je suis presque sur que vous n'êtes jamais allé dans un endroit comme celui là. ça devait être magnifique.

LinhĐặng's picture

Haha LAO CAI not LOA CAI :))

Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Yes ! :)

TuấnTeo's picture

very happy

Van's picture

awww... everybody looks exhausted

Van's picture

omg what?? Hahahaha It's Lao Cai Pierre

AnhHoàng's picture

It's Lao Cai! :). Hope you guy enjoy and come back to Vietnam soon, really miss you guy T~T

TrangChu's picture

Oh,where's Piere B??????? Good luck to Simple Plan

imzips's picture

Pls take care #HANOImissesSP

lexie18's picture

Whoa that guy at right edge looks like my band teacher :O

Sonia's picture

Take care :)

HausOfArchie's picture

david's tummy <33333

DươngJamesArchuleta's picture

It's Lao Cai :D LOL you guys are amazing

karo's picture

Proud of you!

Tuna Kaynak's picture

Where are youu?

Alice Maria's picture

cool ;)