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I made it look like a crazy dance party in my boring hotel room!! I love photography... #nerd

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Posted by Pierre


VickyloveSP's picture

you're beautiful!

lary3reise's picture

dear god, the sun is ashamed to show its face when you smile like that!there's nothing more beautiful in the universe!<3

Karen19's picture

you're perfect ♥.♥

AstronautSelle's picture

The smile!! ♥

Sana's picture

Lovely <3

Lovesimpleplan_4's picture

Oh my God♥ You have a beautiful smile (;

Bea Eloriaga's picture

LOL nice :)))

LucíaCataclismo's picture

It's really funny ! You are so cute :D

Thata's picture

I loveeeee Pierreeeee!!! :D:D

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Squidebom's picture

This photo makes me smile over and over again :)

Beatrice Ann Elarde's picture

Wow nice background..

LorenzPlikore's picture

wow!! amazing!! and crazy.. this color is.. umm i dont see!! haha

Ophelie's picture

nerd ?

lexie18's picture

But you're our nerd

Rome SP's picture

Oh my god he´s soooo sweet!!!! *-*

Hope's picture

It's ok we can be nerds together!!

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SPsavedLo's picture

I want nerds like that in the class room!

kareeth_2's picture

You speak Spanish, you smile like an angel, You are so talented.. Dude seriously I will fall in love! STOP!!

Saul's picture

Hahahaha you really did :P

karoline_3's picture

hahaha....yea but you are one of the best nerds..and i love you!!

BUFFY's picture

Yeah,,, but your a cute nerd :)

MapacheCotilla's picture

You just need an handsome man to have a nice photo :)

LeslieA's picture

J'aurais donné n'importe quoi pour y être!
Tu es radieux Pierre, RADIEUX ! :'D

Laura_78's picture

Ta photo m'a beaucoup fait rire :P, on s'occupe comme on peut. Mais oui joli sourire ne t'inquiète pas :).

SP-nur's picture

your smiling is so cute! :)

Moonai's picture

this smile *melting away*

Mélie_'s picture

J'aime beaucoup la photo :) Jolie sourire ?

Mel_Simple_Plan's picture

cute pic, Pierre! Someone has been bored! :-)