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I agree, this salsa tastes like pink!

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Posted by Seb


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Yeah in here in Italy we eat it a lot, I don't like it very much but people here love it ;)

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Pink has a flavor :?

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ahahahahah!!! I love this salsa!! here in Italy it's very famous :)

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hahaha it's funny but there are things that actually taste like pink XD

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mmm that rich

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Mmm, yummy!

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Mmmm. :)

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Does it taste good ???

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In Portugal we call it Cocktail Sauce :P

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In potugal we call it Cocktail Sauce :P

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Our pink salsa: mayonnaise and ketchup mixed. Love it =P Lol

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Wowowow Sorprendente!!! Jajaja

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Heuum I don't know... :D

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"tastes like pink" hahahaha , I want to try that surely! xD

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I know it's really good!

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JAJAJAJAJAJA Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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