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Hello San Francisco! Let's go play a rock show!

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Posted by Chuck


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Another great Chuck's photo :))

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mugshot much... woohoo sexaay!!

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haha, nice mug shot there Chuck... Lookin' good ;) ;)

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My dear dear Chuck))

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oh I love you look great! majo ...

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Goood one! Love you!

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hey handsome! haha I'm extremelly excited to meet you again. ((:

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hi Chuck :D

xSPSavedmyfuckinglife's picture

T'es beau Chuck ! Venez vite nous voir à Lyon !

Lara. ♥'s picture

La petite crète , le regard qui tue. Ahaha j'aime ! :P ?

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Et est-ce qu'on pourrait bientôt voir cette belle gueule à Lyon :D ?

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hello sexy Chuck!! :3 how are you doing? XD

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ydgehfghjdgv gvcyuw *.*! i´m going to eat u!!!

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Have a wonderful time :D

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Ohh i'd like to be there to rock with you guys!!!!

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what a nice pic, chuck!

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Great picture !!! I love you -xxx-

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Nice Chuck! Awesome pic!!! :-)

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Nice picture !!! Have fun :)

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Great picture!
My best friend is fond of you x) I think she'll love it

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hi beautiful

Manye's picture

Hello Chucky :D
Haha ! You'll never change your hair, that's cute :)
And I love your eyes !
Have fun with your buddies ;)
Love you ?

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Cool Picture :]

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Nice picture Chuck! :) Have fun rockin the show!

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Oh amazing like always! Isn't it weird?! NO! You was born like amazing! Muhahahah!!!

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nice one =)

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You guys were AMAZING!!!!!!!