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having fun on @chuckcomeau 's kit. I love drums. Much more fun than singing!! : p

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Posted by Pierre


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nao Pierre nao tente trocar de lugar com o Chuck POR FAVOR!!! rsrs ;D

Thata's picture

Pierre vs Chuck, haha lol

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Wow i love the title of this photo!!

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Amazing photo!

EMILIE_7's picture

Tu as tout les talents ;)

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Wow amazing \(^o^)/

Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Allez Chuck au chant ! :DD

Isa Casasbuenas's picture

Awwww OMG I Love Pierre ! :D

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Hé mais, si Pierre, tu joues à la place de Chuck.. ça veut dire que Chuck chante à TA place..? :O
J'ai cru comprendre dans une interview que s'il se mettait à chanter, vous perdriez tout. Séb avait l'air complètement d'accord en plus! Vous êtes trop fort les gars x) !
Et franchement, cette photo est superbe! :'D?

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This look great!

But please don't stop singing! D:

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cool:D but don't stop singing pierre i love you voice so much!

Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

Excellent choix :) J'aimerais entendre ta MAGNIFIQUE voix *_*

Bitterblue's picture

It would be funny that you and Chuck switch for a concert

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Chuck rap and Pierre drum~

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Why Don't you and Chuck switch.. What I mean Is You Drum and Chuck sing..

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Why dont you do something special one day and have David sing, and you drum?

mimesonic's picture

I've always wanted to learn how to play the drums for some odd reason...

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expect if you guys switched...i dont know what would happen...

Tuna's picture

yeh, i agree drums are sooo much better than singing but ur voice never fails to keep me calm and makes me happy. the world need your voice

Subanky's picture

Awesome pic :D
You and Chuck should switch places for 1 song during a concert :)

coolest-of-them-all's picture

cool :)

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Wohooo its my firs comment for new site!!! again again again Your Awwweeeessoommeee!!!!! Love SP Come TURKEY!!! hahha #LoveSPcomeTURKEY :D:D

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Don't get me wrong the drums are AWESOME but the world NEEDS your talented voice!!!!

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LOL ! love your face expression :D i love the drums too :D

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Are you crazy? I agree drums must be funnier than sing but you're the best singer ever, and your place is singing

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Ouai :D c'est trop bien la batterie ?

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Hihihi! :P