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Hanging out with the Prime Minister of Canada in his house. #NoBigDeal

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Posted by Chuck


SP_Lenka_SP's picture

how cute :) you look really great guys! :) and David without sunglasses! ohohoooh!!:D unusual:) but cap must be! of course :D

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So proud... :)

x0Krystal.Mx0's picture

Awesome! You all look so handsome!

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never knew Stephen Harper was so tall! haha (:

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Pretty Cool!

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Love u

Saul's picture

Nah, no big deal ;) hahaha

sonia_italy's picture my page :)

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La class' les mecs ;D

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I'm not a fan of Harper but that must still be really awesome;)

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ahhh! awesome!

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Congrats to you guys! May God bless you ;) <3

Rome SP's picture

very cool you guys ;)

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Rien à dire, vous avez la classe les mecs!! ;)

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look at Seb <33333

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Vous êtes superbes ! :)

Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

Vous vous êtes fait beau à ce que je vois ;D Trop la classe ^^

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I'm so proud to ba an Astronaut when I see this :D You deserve it sooooo much! :)

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Vous êtes super bien habillé ! :D

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Wow =D

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I'm a parent and now a fan. I met the band in Rome toghether my daughter. They are great artists! I congratulate with them because they are humble and available in respect of fans. W SIMPLE PLAN FOR EVER !!!

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he's so lucky!!! :3

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awesome ! come to brazil !!

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everyone look fucking amazing in here *_*

SP_Astronaut_rubidoo's picture

you know you've made it big when your hobnobbin' with the PM ;-)

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YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!!! And yeah Chuck, no big deal at all. ;)

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David looks perfectly fine.