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hangin out with @sonsofmidnight. Great band that opened for us the last 2 nights. Chck em out!

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Posted by Pierre


Tuna's picture

@llisa: David is in the middle, with the wet patch on his leg

llisa's picture

david is missing? ;_; others look really good

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where is me? hahaha :D

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Loved Sons of Midnight in Stuttgart. Bought 2 CD's. Hope there will be an hole album soon.

This picture is great.

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they were amazing!! :D a lot of fans in stuttgart loved them :D ? great songs :D ?

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tell me DAVID are you wet? (8) (snoop dogg's song lol)

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Did David pee himself?

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I just youtubed "Fire" Thanks for the recommendation! they're amazing! new music is awesome and their lead singer has such a great voice =)

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LOL, why are David's pants wet?

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where's Chuck? He's missing >.

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I love you!!
saturday with you was amazing.. I want to be there again :( I miss you...

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that´s nice! *.*!where is chuck!?

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wow those guys look so cool...
Seb... the smallest boy?.. hahahaha ;D
awwwwww everything is nice but WHERE THE HELL IS CHUCK??
I can't wait to see you here in Peru!!!!!!!! Come to Peruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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Definately will, great picture!

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Niiice! :D Loove it! But could be better with Chuck!

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Chuck's missing!!

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great pic:) could be better with chuck though :)

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Haha ! Love this pic :)
You look all great :D
Chuck's missing :(
Seb, you're on tiptoe ... Are you really that small ? :o x)
Jeff's like "What ?" .. Haha, love it :)
David's and Pierre's smiles ?
Love you Guys ?

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Amazing boys!
It was great to see you in stuttgart :)

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These guys rock. Sons of Midnight are AMAZING! Good choice :D By the way... it was amazing to see you in Frankfurt. Come back soon :)

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What's wrong with David's pants? :)

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Chuck~Chuck~Where are you?????

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@ MAGDAXPL and @WHATSHERNAME: maybe he is hiding in the microwave xD
but really, where is Chuck?

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Très belle photo !!! T'es drôle Sébastien sur le bout des pieds!!! You all look good,spécialement David,toujours aussi sexy ;-)) Mais qu'avez-vous fait de Chuck ???

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a really nice band :)

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yang diatas kaya SETAN

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wow .. so cooL .. that'S all i can say ! hahah ..

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Hell yeah, you all look so good! :)