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The guys performing in Luxembourg

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Posted by SP WebCrew


Vikaba's picture

It was so awesome :))
You ROCKs ;P

Bibiflocfloc's picture

wahou j'aime cette ambiance !!

Jonathan Redaelly's picture

how much i wish to just be in one concert. i would love to meet you guys one day

Austranadian's picture

GRRRRRR.... why cant you just come to Sydney now???

quitdreaming's picture

It really was amazing!! The Atelier is the best place for shows because it's so small there's an amazing atmosphere! Feels private :)

Giulia's picture

Beautiful! *___*

Melanie_23_'s picture

i was there!! best concert i've ever been!! i hope you're coming back to luxembourg for another concert! maybe next year?? same time, same place ? ;)

Lindsey Trimble's picture

I wish i was there nice pic!!

shorty's picture

You were amazing!!
And so funny, too! :D

Hybrde19's picture

so perfect ! :)

simonakovacova's picture

peeerfekt..please come Slovakia :))))) click fansite

klj4e's picture

I wish I was there :(

Manye's picture

It was so small :o
The crowd seems to rock on :)
Love you guys ?

JanaSPCrew's picture

I'm somewhere in that crowd too ;)
was an amazing show! ?

didi019's picture

I was there! It was an amazing show! Still cannot believe that Pierre hug me during Perfect!

ifglkg's picture

It's very small stage. o.o

Nobody054's picture

Awesome show

mairita's picture

Please Come to Latvia

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Days's picture

Wow, it looks so packed.

Sonia's picture

J'ai tellement hâte de vous voir à Montréal le 20 septembre!!!J'attends ce moment depuis tellement longtemps!!!

Juliah's picture

just found out that you're coming for the SWU! great! # GETYOURHEART ON! (:

x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

Looks like so much fun! Look at all those people!

JulieM.'s picture

Enfin après 3 ans je les a vu live. c'était le plus cool jour de ma vie. je suis trop heureuse de vs avoir vu. merci pour ce formidable soir et merci pour se prendre du temps après le concert à ns donner des autographes. je ne connaît pas beaucoup de groupes qui se prennent aussi de temps pour les fans. c'est une des raisons que vs êtes ma groupe préfèré. j'éspére que vs renviendrez bientôt. Merci dir sidd einfach nemmen déi allerbest. ca veut dire merci vs êtes les plus meilleur en luxembourgois.(:& quand vs reviendrez j'éspére que vs parlez un peu notre langue. (: iloveu.

Lovesimpleplan_4's picture

Oh how I wish to be there. Please guys come to Mexico! :)

mimesonic's picture

too bad they can only be in one place at a time :( oh well :)

SPAstronaut_2's picture

Les petites salles, y a pas mieux :) j'aurais trop voulu y être!

Leiju's picture

I can see me ! xD

Juliah's picture

wish you guys would come to Brazil this year!

Noah_SP4ever's picture

AWESOME!! i wish i was there!! =(