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Got some new drums! What do you think??

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Posted by Chuck


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what I think..totally and pureley epic! I want some like that!! I will learn to play them and all

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Got to see those drums in canton!! So exciting!!

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ahhh o love you guys!!!
i loved!!

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AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH love love love love love them!!

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i LOVE the setup...go CHUCk...:))

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Canadian colours!!! :D :D :D Will you have them in February?

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I envy Chuck=))) is a miracle) =*

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I absolutely love them. I especially love the red and white stripes!

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awesome!! Can't wait you play them, in Mexico :D :D :D

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amazing :)

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Love them!!, they look.... delicious someway x), maybe because they look like mint candies :9

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it looks amazing

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iiiiiiii !loveit!loveit! ;)

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that's really awesome! XD

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Awesome! :)

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I want to see that drums in Porto Alegre, Brasil.

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The stripes look like the austrian flag

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Oh yess Chuck they are awesome!!!!!!

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just awesome! :D

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Beautiful drums !!

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It's awesome! :-) can't wait to see it in Italy!

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I want to see that drums in Spain soon :)

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omg i want it!! is beautifull :)

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Wow, they're awesome! :D I've always wanted to play drums, they're great! :)

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I'm SO jealous , I Love them =D

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Pas mal du tout Chuck, nouvelle batterie pour une nouvelle tournée =)

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It's fantastic **** Love it