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Good Morning Barbados! Summer Paradise videoshoot. Sunrise.

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Posted by Chuck


Optimist's picture

That's the real SUMMER PARADISE! ? So envy guys... Ohhh I want to be there!

MonicaSP's picture

Wooow! C'est juste Magnifique..*3*
Je veux aller là bas !! Avec vous ?.

sandra matias's picture

wow it's beautiful *-*

nooe_SP's picture

Wow!!! :O J'aimerais tellement être la! :D

colleen puras's picture

i wished i lived on a beach and not where the snow is

Tchoups's picture

Waouw c'est magnifique

cakebomb2000's picture

I'd rather be anywhere else, anywher else, anywhere else but here I'D RATHER BE THERE!

nad73's picture

magnifique photo

doro crazy bang's picture

I wish I could be at Barbados at this moment :)

Tuna Kaynak's picture

Magnificent!! Summer Paradiseeeeee :)

AdriAstronaut's picture

I'll be there in a heartbeat!!!!!

Rachel Amadeu's picture

Take me to this summer paradise with you, Chuck! Please...

SPAstronaut_2's picture

OMG I wish I could be there... I'm sick of being stuck here..

guitarmonkey89's picture

wow..that is beautiful!

Stephanie P.'s picture

(irony on) what an ugly place, i didn't even want to be there. i'm not even jealous. no, i'm really not. (irony off)

pigletchu's picture

It's really a Paradise!!!!!!!!!!!

Sp_paradise's picture

OMG!!! Just WOW amazing pic!!*_* it's so beautiful!:'')

Hope's picture

Absolutley breathtaking! :)

kaitlyn's picture

That is too beautiful..^_^

Pechán's picture

I wanna go there!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonia's picture's so beautiful !!! It's not what I see when I look at my window !!! I wish I could be there with you :D I can't wait to see the video :D

Steffi_2's picture

Wow... Beautiful... Want to be there now^^

Qibah612's picture

That is too beautiful..^_^

Nina Ckefasa's picture

That's really really beautiful! Take care there Chuck. :*

Serena_Astronaut's picture

I wanna be there
the beach, the sun, the fantastic weather, the sand....

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spsum182's picture

so beautiful

maggi_SP's picture

Wow... *-* beautiful.
Just beautiful.

WeirdoLikesCookies's picture

Oh, that's beautiful. I wanna be there, it's raining here D:

seb-astronaut's picture

wow, that's absolutely breathtaking!!