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Finland you were sooooo loud!!

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Posted by SP WebCrew


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Très belle photo!

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you guys made my dream come true♥that gig was the best experience of my life and I will not ever forget it (: you made me cry when it was over and I already wait for you to come back ♥

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You're so fuckin' Awesoooomeeee!!! Stiil waiting for you in TURKEY!! Come to TURKEEEEEYYY!!!

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Please come to Estonia.

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it was so amazing. thank you.

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come back to cologne! you were sooo amazing :))) <3

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Vous êtes magnifiques ! :)

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There is just that ONE guy with that white shirt who doesn't do anything! He just stands there and he hasn't put his hands up ! :(

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There is my hand ♥ :)

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The show was unbelievable! It was absolutely amazing. It was my first ever SP concert and it was totally worth it. Hope to see you guys real soon back in Finland and in Helsexy. :D

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It was an amazing night :-) Thank you so much for coming to Finland, please come back soon! xxx

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come back to finland now ♥

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that gig was amazing ♥

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING TO FINLAND! <3 It was AWESOME and I can't believe I've actually seen you now! Hope you'll come back soon! :) THANK YOU SO MUCH ! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU<3 !

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You were amazing! thank you <3 I hope you will come Finland soon!

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Vous étaient Manifique :D

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Thank you, it was so fucking amazing, best concert ever!!! I love you guys so much, I hope you will come back to Finland soon. Have a great tour ;)

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YOU WERE AMAZING ! love you guys, I screamed so hard that I can't speak today XD but it was worth it.

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You were so amazing, best show where I ever have been. Hope u come back soon. I love you! :D

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was better the concert of méxico city, sorry ;DD

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Awesome :D

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It looks awesome

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All concerts r like that