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The boys are together for the first time on stage tonight.

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Posted by Seb


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You are perfect!!! <3

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Oh ça doit vraiment être génial! Amusez vous guys ♥!

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Qu'ils sont tous beaux :)

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I love this picture! And loved the performance! You should do some shows with K'Naan! <3

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K'naan looks like he's thinking: "Hell... Always these annoying autograph hunter..."

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Vous Ete manifique :D

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K'naan!!!! HELL YEAH! :)

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it's like a dream :") beautiful! I like so much this version, the first!

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very NICE' xDD'

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Magnifique ! :)

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K'naan > Sean paul 8D

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You look awesome!!!

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That is totally awesome !!!! U guts rock !

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you guys, why you so handsome! hahaha

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really cool :P

sonia_italy's picture My page :D

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sexy boys!!!! :)

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ahh! i wanna see!! =(( how come i cant see from so cal? =( @chelswojo wants to know how i can't seen @theJUNOawards? so sad... u guys deserve it tho! have a great time tonight... wish i could be there... the version woth k'naan in it is my favorite... when r u coming back to so cal?? ill be ur #summerparadise guide to so cal! love u!!

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Aw This is so cool with K'naan He is the best!!!!! :D!!!

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Yes !!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you on TV :D

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OMG!!! Awesome!!! =D =D <3

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OMG! K'naan! he's so freaking awesome!!! i got his album Troubador a long time ago...and it's truly amazing!!!! and he's friends with Simple Plan! that's just perfect...Summer Paradise is perfect :D

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Cute :D I ♥ u guys

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Awesome!! Simple Plan and K'naan ;P

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omg seb looks adorable here!

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Love it :D