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Blue Lobster

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Posted by Seb

PEI with a blue lobster



Lara. ♥'s picture

Mmmmh , le bon ... Omar non ? x) Je ne suis pas très fort en éspèce marine ! xD
Ou alors une écrevisse géante ? :D

Miam. ?
LoveLove SP ! :) ?

LowluxSP's picture

il a finit dans l'assiette de qui ???

Dee_2's picture

hmm.... so this is how Chuck, Seb, and Pierre would look with blonde highlights in their hair hehe

Kayla ShaDay's picture

Red Lobster has nothin on you guys!

secondheartbeat's picture

Is that real? :o

cami2222's picture

lookin a little burnt there Pierre. better use some sunscreen next time :)

idijo's picture

lucky blue lobster

gracex10's picture

those things are rare! :O damn. i wanna shake hands with a lobster too! only if he has the bands arounf his claws though o.0

Mariana Moraes's picture

Que foto linda!!!!! :)

pinknipper's picture

Lobsters come in different colours? Who knew?