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At the bar.... @frankborin and @jeffstinco gettin weird

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Posted by Pierre

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Roldy's picture

Seriously feeling the need to party with you guys now X)

secondheartbeat's picture

Looks like fun :D

Micki_SP's picture

haha.nice shoot. :)

Zebralina Xana Mendes's picture

too weird

gracex10's picture

lmao! XD this made me lol so hard!

I Love SP_3's picture

Aaaw Jeff's smile :)

magoo's picture

Were you like drunk or something? LOL

Nath_4eversplover's picture

They don't like parties, huh?

kaitlinlovesSP's picture

when does this ever sound like a good idea in a bar? lol someones a little too drunk

MaFer's picture

ohoh That's great!!

tiff_hk's picture

oh this is weirddd XDD

AgussAg's picture

haha I wanna party with you too!! please :P

Pierres_Alien's picture

cute ;)

simplesacha's picture

you guys are way too good of friends. haha.

Satie Kira's picture

cool drunk people .... or just happy people... whatever ^o^

JustineBouvier's picture

too drunk to realize what happend? :D

Catgirl140's picture

I wanna party with you! :D

Jo Yee's picture

Can't keep his hands off... Frank Borin =P cause there aint no party like a SP party hahaha

Georgia_Says's picture

hahaha you guys are such a riot! Can't wait until Warped Tour!!!

Ste Pacheco's picture

Wow! I wanna party with you too ;) hahaha

TeresaDestinco's picture

jeff? (: