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Back in Sydney! Can't wait for the show tomorrow!

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Posted by Chuck


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Wow ! I can't believe there's places like that in the world ! It's so wonderful. When I'll be an adult, I'll travel around the world and I'll go in Australia. I'm so jealous of Simple Plan's life. More than three years to wait... But I CAN WAIT FOREVER. Simple Plan helps me to wait.

julia_bouvier_comeau_desrosiers_lefebvre_stinco's picture

You are perfect! Very beautiful, wonderful!!! I love youuu ♥ ^.^

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Oh this is amazing ! :) <3

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sydney+chuck= <3 <3 AMAZING!!!

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Vous vivez MON rêve là! :o

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so happy to be simple plan,
they can travel around the world ya?
hahahahaha :)

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Chuck, marry me?

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sexy Chuck!! :3

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Back in sydney! @chuckcomeau @simpleplan #SPINAUSTRALIA.

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Nooooooo its chuck ! not jeff ..sorry .. LOL.

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@jeffstinco cool......

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You really look good Mr. Comeau !!! Good show tomorrow :P

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OMG!!! Chuck!!!!! i love you!!!!! :D

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Have fun :D

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Ça l'air tellement beau!♥:)

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bah c'est déja l'été là-bas!! :p en tout cas t'es mangifique !! ;) <33 bon show !!

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trooot booo

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Quelle classe Chuck .!` ♥

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Hahahaha great pose, so sexy!!! ;D

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Tu es toujours impressionnant! *o*

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nice picc <3...miss u guys already TT____TT....from Hanoi, Vietnam with fullllll loveeee...comeback soon!!!!

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Cool pic! Love your shirt <3

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So so beautifuul, Chuck<3
Love youuu

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Aww, so beautiful <3

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Omg!! Qu'est-ce qu'il est beau <3 #Fantasme #HeartAttack #Fangirling

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aussie aussie oi oi oi will vist wonderfulsydney in september c in melbourne

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Gosh Chuck, you're such a poser! xP But no, you look very handsome there! I want to go to Sydney one day :) Anyway, see you at the Melbourne show!!