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Awesome gifts from Japanese fans. I will be enjoying this tonight! Arigato!

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Posted by Pierre


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Nice ;)

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Hey guys:
Certainly not you read it but there is ...
My name is Mar and I am a huge fan, but this fan is very sad and depressed since I found out you were coming to Spain in March and I can not go.
I went to all that you have given concerts in Spain, 9/06/05-8/02/06-10/04/08-10/07/08-16/10/08, I have always been at the forefront for so enjoy a good live and sing with you. My depression started when I ask for the days work to go to Madrid and I deny them ... I feel like I had failed ... I live in Zamora but I'm from Bilbao.
I needed to tell you this, but do not know why, I can not work because we need the money at home and this work has cost me much to find. Give a good show for all those fans who go to go. I love you!
MAR xoxo

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Ohh, very nice :)

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hey buy me some mochiice cream yeah.

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Try not to get to drunk :/

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@ @

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@ @

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Nice ! I like the bottle :)

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Cool ! :P

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Cool B)......

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You're so lucky ;)

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make you hang over pierre ........

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cool :PP

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Cool !!! Bonne soirée :D

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Very nice gift!!!!enjoy!!

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Wow nice :)

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wow.. but when you guys visit manila again ill give you a filipino food and drinks.. loveit!!!

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Please guys, come to Paraguay one day, we really needs right now :') love u. SPfansFromParaguay.

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awesome =)

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Wah cool :)

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Enjoy it!!

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AWESOME!!! ;-)

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AHH i love it! japan misses you guys!! come back soon please? :)

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so cool :) I would like to enjoy of that kind of things .... :)