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Don't mind us...we're just hanging out...
Posted by wmgd2c  |  10 months 1 week ago
Don't mind us...we're just hanging out playing with our balls ⚽️⚾️
#npnhjbtour #NoPads #NoHelmets #JustBalls
Upcoming tour dates:
14/09: Guelph, On.
15/09: Hamilton, On.
16/09: Toronto, On.
18/09: Montréal, Qc.
19/09: Québec, Qc.
20/09: Ottawa, On.
22/09: Purdue, Ind.
16/10: Nagoya, Japan
17/10: Tokyo, Japan
18/10: Tokyo, Japan
20/10: Osaka, Japan
22/10: Honolulu, Hawaii
29/10: Warped Rewind Cruise
04/11: Puebla, Mexico
06/11: Mexico City, Mexico
08/11: Guadalajara, Mexico
09/11: Monterrey, Mexico
29/11: Houston, TX (Rescheduled show)
30/11: Austin, TX (rescheduled show)
Tickets / VIP:
: @goodguychady & @nateconcertphotography
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Don&#39;t mind us...we&#39;re just hanging out playing with our balls ⚽️⚾️<br><a target="_blank" href="" title="#npnhjbtour" class="tweet-url hashtag" rel="nofollow">#npnhjbtour</a> <a target="_blank" href="" title="#NoPads" class="tweet-url hashtag" rel="nofollow">#NoPads</a> <a target="_blank" href="" title="#NoHelmets" class="tweet-url hashtag" rel="nofollow">#NoHelmets</a> <a target="_blank" href="" title="#JustBalls" class="tweet-url hashtag" rel="nofollow">#JustBalls</a> ⛈<br>Upcoming tour dates:<br>14/09: Guelph, On. <br>15/09: Hamilton, On. <br>16/09: Toronto, On.<br>18/09: Montréal, Qc.<br>19/09: Québec, Qc.<br>20/09: Ottawa, On.<br>22/09: Purdue, Ind.<br>16/10: Nagoya, Japan<br>17/10: Tokyo, Japan<br>18/10: Tokyo, Japan<br>20/10: Osaka, Japan<br>22/10: Honolulu, Hawaii<br>29/10: Warped Rewind Cruise<br>04/11: Puebla, Mexico<br>06/11: Mexico City, Mexico<br>08/11: Guadalajara, Mexico<br>09/11: Monterrey, Mexico<br>29/11: Houston, TX (Rescheduled show)<br>30/11: Austin, TX (rescheduled show)<br>Tickets / VIP: <a target="_blank" href="" title="" rel="nofollow"></a><br>: <a target="_blank" class="tweet-url username" href="" data-screen-name="goodguychady" rel="nofollow">@goodguychady</a> &amp; <a target="_blank" class="tweet-url username" href="" data-screen-name="nateconcertphotography" rel="nofollow">@nateconcertphotography</a>
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