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Request Simple Plan on Brazilian Radio!

Gardens admin's picture
on June 16, 2011 - 4:04pm

More stations are coming in that are playing some SP, check out the list below if you're in Brazil. Find your local station, visit their site and REQUEST, REQUEST, REQUEST! More airplay, the more likely SP will tour. Do it! If you're not in Brazil, check out for more stations around the world.

Rio de Janeiro:
Mix FM -
Transamérica FM -

São Paulo:
Jovem Pan -
Transámerica SP -
Metropolitana fm -
Mix FM -
89 FM -
Radio Disney -

Radio Rock -
Jovem Pan -
Transamérica -

Porto Alegre:
Atlântida -
Pop Rock -

Jovem Pan -
Transamérica -

Belo Horizonte:
Jovem Pan -
Rádio 98 FM -
Extra -
Transamérica -

Jovem Pan -
Transamérica -

Piatã -
Nova Salvador -
Itapoã -