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Weekly Roundup

Gardens admin's picture
on June 3, 2011 - 9:54pm

With so much going on here you may have missed something BIG on Want the cliffnotes version? Here are the top 5 things you should check out this week:

1) First Listen of "Freaking Me Out" ft. Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low: premiered the full track today, so check it out.

2) Track by Track: Astronaut: Newest TxT is the ever special "Astronaut", check out why the guys feel this is one of the most special songs they've ever written, plus hear a snippet of the track.

3) Simple P Bust A Rhyme: As we continue to kick it old school on, check out Simple P's "You Suck at Love" rap. You don't wanna miss this from P Dubbie, Sebby Fresh, Funky C, Double D, and Jean-François.

4) N-JOY Acoustic Performance: Re-play Simple Plan's live acoustic performance in Germany earlier this week, it's almost an hour long!

5) Webchat with Simple Plan: The Band were in Germany earlier this week and chatted live with fans. Catch the re-play here.