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Watch: Simple Plan in Brazil (Part 2)


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on November 23, 2011 - 7:09pm

Take a look at Sim's vlog from SP's trip to Brazil last week!


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Why is it that I love so much? What punishment was not in the show, another day I will have the opportunity to go to a show of yours. Amo vocês por D+ ....
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OMG my sing! "This Band Saved My Life" is my sing
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I've traveled 12 hours to be there at Porto Alegre that day. I slept at airport later, and 12 more hours to back home next day. 5 flights in total... But, man, was awesome and I'd do all it again! Love you guys, see you next year!
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Thanks for the AMAZING show! Thanks for singing Happy Birthday to me! I love you!!!!
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The best show EVER! come back soon, please! I miss you already!
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There are a lot of cool people telling good things about Brazilian fans! So glad to see it. Join us on a Simple Plan's concert here in Brazil! (=
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they're so PASSIONATE :) i'd love to meet a brazilian fan.. we'd have a lot in commen :P
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The shows were amazing! Miss you guys here in Brazil, please come back soon ok?
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Que lindooos *--*
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Hahahaha, I loved it! Can't wait to see you guys in Madrid!!! :D
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the flag you oppened at porto alegre half brazil and half canada is from 2 girls have you in 2009 right? me (@rebecahochman) and @_ninha !! YOU HAVE TO COME BACK REALLY SOON!!! we LOVE you! TE AMO and OBRIGADA guys *-*
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hahaha "Kiss me kiss me...kiss you" oh Pierre XD
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You guys have no idea how much I wanted to be there, even if I traveled 1 hour by plane to Porto Alegre or 1 hour by car to SWU, I really REALLY wanted to be there. At least you'll come back next year and the show will ROCK!!! Keep it up, guys, you're awesome!!!!
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David crowd surfs at every show!
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Simple Plan Saved my life!!! ?