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Video: Seb Gets Personal With


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on August 22, 2011 - 5:11pm

Next up in the exclusive interview series - Sebastien! Last month, Seb sat down with to talk about his past, attending Reset concerts, and his now-regretted fashion choices (I may have to agree on that one - but hey don't we all regret one fashion choice?). Watch the video now.


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I love all your looks Seb! They are awesome :D
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Aww..How cuute are you!!! Glad that I know more about You now! (: love you so so much (: kisses seb
astronaut_5's picture

I can't see it. Isn't it possible to upload it somewhere else (YouTube?) as well for those who can't see it? I haven't been able to watch any of the videos on that site.
Jo Yee's picture

it says the vid is unavailable?? help!

thanks God, you have changed your mind about your old hair. haha. So much better now! ;*
Tam VM's picture

I finally got to see this videos :D and agree with all the comments, Seb you're so cute and nice and hot and real :3 haha for me it was pretty shocking when you said you woke up early :/ but don't worry, still love you :)
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You made me so happy because you were very happy in this video. I wanted to hug and kiss you. :) I love bandana thing f***ing much! :D That's very funny! :) And also I was shocked when you admitted that you thought Chuck and Pierre were the coolest guys in the world. I think you're the coolest! :)
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Seb looks so hot these dayyyys
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Again, I can't see the video :( Can't you put these videos on youtube? Because none of them is working for me :(
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LOL hahaha i love u seb ?you´re the best man in the world!!!!(*O*)
Nydia's picture

seb so tender, so sencible, so cute, aww you're perfect sebby ?
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Days's picture

I really enjoy these Atlantic Record interviews. They always ask the guys great questions. I can't believe his first concert was a Reset concert! That's so strange ha ha. I love when he says he thought Pierre and Chuck were the coolest guys in the world. I actually liked the the whole bandana and hat thing. I thought it was cute.
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I can't to see the video :(
Thnx4allChuck's picture

:) I imagine you on that Reset concert !!
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mais pourquoi!? :o tetais bon en Math! Omg. moi je suis pourri! Une chance que j'en ai pas c't'année!
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Veroe Beaulieu's picture

t'es bon en math ? tu m'aiderais tu ? xd haha je taimme fort -xxx-
Stephanie P.'s picture

"SEBASTIEN THE SENSIBLE" LOL He's not sensible, he's just the cutest guy on earth! Agreed, @SOPHIE!
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Oops, en fait j'étais pas la première cette fois ! x) @SOPHIE : I totally agree with you ! :D
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I love these small interviews! And wow, Seb's face when he admitted that he thought Chuck and Pierre were the coolest guys in the world! Just want to hug you sweetie! :)
Manye's picture

HAHA ! I love Seb ! He's so sunny and cute :) ? I agree too for his "now-regretted fashion choices" ! :) He's so cute when he say "I thought they were the coolest guys in the world !" I'm always the first to comment on those videos :D
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AH !!! Il ne manquera plus que Chuck ! Super interview en tout cas ! =)