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Simple Plan in China


  • Simple Plan in China
    January 11, 2012

    The guys were in China last week and finally got to play some headling shows. Check out the vlog for some of the highlights.!!

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on January 11, 2012 - 11:30am

The guys were in China last week and finally got to play some headling shows. Check out the vlog for some of the highlights.!!


montrealgirlSP4ever's picture

ouais, total daccord avec @leslie :D
LeslieA's picture

Moooh, vous avez l'air si fatigué!!! Ca se voit quand on regarde vos yeux! Vous êtes géniaux de faire tout ça pour tout ces gens! (J'ai le regret de dire que je n'en ferais pas partit cette année... :'/ ) Bonne chance à vous et amusez vous bien :D
shen's picture

i miss you did a very awesome night here in philippines last night...hope to see you again..iloveyou... :))
Stacy_kc's picture

I wonder why David almost never speaks :( but Im glad that Chuck does finally! Nice vlog guys! Im even a bit jealous :)
Saul's picture

Totally awesome
Leilola's picture

I still remember back in 2005, when SP were in Beijing and tried Peking Duck for the first time.. They loved it! & Chuck won the 'Chopstick' competition, that was hilarious! :D Also, their first visit to GreatWall and they REACHED the TOP!! That was unbelievable, i live in Beijing for over a decade now, and still never got to the top of Great Wall (But i did get a certificate, a fake one though.. they sell those in the entrance of great wall, LOLZ)!!
CelineH38's picture

hâte de vous revoir en France les gars !!! xxx
SimplePlanet's picture

Bah ça donne bien envie ! Pi David, plus discret, tu meurs
Natalie_2's picture

hahah "Chinese fans are gonna pump me a balloon!" lolololol
em_simpleplan's picture

hahahaha love it, love you
pulsario's picture

i need to see you here in BKK, Thailand ;(
Neiljay's picture

there are now in our country philippines yehay :) hope you have a blog
Corinne3SP's picture

Please come to hong kong more often!!!! We all love you! We miss you when you're gone!!!
Patyto_SP's picture

Awesome ?
Ana Ferreira_2's picture

Lovely ;D
Mel_Addicted's picture

: ) ?
CrazyAboutChuck's picture

Une nouvelle vidéo géniale merci merci !!!!!!
Manye's picture

China seems to be great ! :D
Sophiesue's picture

awesome vlog XD can't wait to see you guys in May ;P
Sonia's picture

Vous avez l'air en forme les gars !! C'est l'fun d'avoir de vos nouvelles comme ça...merci !! J'espère que vous avez retrouvé vos valises !! J'ai hâte de vous voir à Montréal !!
LowluxSP's picture

J'adore vos vlogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gabyrock93's picture

sexyy guys!! really amazing video xoxo
JERALD CHAN's picture

Awesome!!Please ! Come back hongkong ~
Pechán's picture

How come they always lose your bags? Maybe they're stealing them to sell your stuff on eBay O.O
Juliemary's picture

really great! astronaut-love ?
Cami Quagliano's picture

Awesome video! :D