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Simple Plan and Twitter


  • Simple Plan and Twitter
    January 15, 2012

    This past week, the guys became very trendy on Twitter. So they wanted to thank all of their amazing fans (Astronauts). Check out the quick vlog.

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Sim's picture
on January 15, 2012 - 1:53pm

This past week, the guys became very trendy on Twitter. So they wanted to thank all of their amazing fans (Astronauts). Check out the quick vlog.


Linae's picture

Pierre you look so cute when your cheeks are pink !!
MaiteSofia's picture

Awesome !! So swettie :)
x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

It's because you guys are so awesome!
fira1201's picture

your performance in jakarta last night was AWESOME!!! :) thanks for coming to indonesia. See you soon guys! :] ??
fira1201's picture

Mathilde Perada L's picture

It's a sweet vlog :))) Jet lag is still in trending topic indonesia, by the way.
feehily fee's picture

Simple Plan is still trending in Indonesia.. :) Thank you for coming here and thank you for the great guys awesome!!
LoOpXy's picture

This is perfect, a video to thank the fans for the TT... it is lovely... I couldnt love the band any more... THANK YOU SIMPLE PLAN :) Oh! BTW i helped to make it trend :) lol
Richa's picture

you guys were FUCKING AWESOME in singapore, it was the best concert of my life!! thank you guys so much!! I LOVE YOU SIMPLE PLAN
Safino's picture

And you're the best band ever :)
Masara's picture

Simple Plan appreciate everything their fans do, even the smallest things
Lucas Matheus's picture

Thank You SP, I like very, very, very much... Come to Brazil, please!!!
Valentine's picture

For me Pierre Bouvier must stay in the world trendings forever !! ? And Simple plan saved my life too ;)
SP-nur's picture

Thank youuuuu :D
lifeincartoon's picture

thank you guys
monababy's picture

ROCK to world TOP !!!!love ya
Yu-li Li's picture

You guys are awesome~!!!!!!!! Rock the world!
KathyFernandez14's picture

0:40-0:45. SEB! hahaha ;D It was nothing guys! All for you to thank you for all you've done for us! Astronauts Love Simple Plan!
Casich SP's picture

'Thank you Astronauts!' It's nothing, thank you to YOU :3
TheCarihuela's picture

Hahha, Seb ;D
MonicaSP's picture

Vive SIMPLE PLAN :D et vive apple °3°
NiniPanini's picture

You guys deserve it! :D but 1 question, where did david go? haha
HeartisonforSP's picture

Thats what awesome means. \m/
Joanna Lim's picture

thanks for coming to singapore! i had a blast!!!
reverse342's picture

Nice! Come back Singapore soon ok :)
Blanca SP's picture

the world's best .... I love Simple Plan .. vengan a Mexico!!
Pamela Patricia Cañas Vargas's picture

That's not a surprise!!! U'r the best always!!!
myramieyra_2's picture

awww.. me lovee youuu guys tooo!! Pierre trending forever :)
EMILIE_7's picture

Because you are Awesome Guys!!! And we need to know that!!!!! Love you see you in France in 2 Month can't wait^^
Pechán's picture

We are awesome because you made us awesome! (Does that make sense at all?)