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    February 14, 2012

    For the cross Canafa tour, the guys have decided to do a special poster for the tour. The also decided to sign them everynight. Check out how and why they do it.

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Sim's picture
on February 14, 2012 - 8:10pm

For the cross Canafa tour, the guys have decided to do a special poster for the tour. The also decided to sign them everynight. Check out how and why they do it.


SPGirl18's picture

LOVING THE POSTER!!!! ITS SOOOO COOL AND AWESOME LOOKING! ^_^ i love how Seb walks in towards the end and is like "whattt" lol :D
SP_Astronaut_rubidoo's picture

By the time I got there, they were all sold out...rats...rats..rats....
eu_s2_sp's picture

hi my name is chuck.... Really??? OMG!! *o*
Christina 15's picture

Aww I went to see you guys last night and i saw that one but i didnt know you guys singed it or i ould have got it i got the green one from you guys and the Marianas Trench one :S
stephp06's picture

Just got one!! :)
SPRawrs's picture

haha i love them so much. so adorable and funny
Pechán's picture

Seb is so awesome!
Alexis Hunter's picture

I'm sooooo getting one!
Mimie Desrosiers Fan's picture

Hiii my name is chuck... Really? O.o i didn't knew!! Ahahahahahahaha alright i'm kidding!! xD I want oneee!!! *-*
llisa's picture

I guess I can't get one but they're REALLY fancy! I would love to have one
Patyto_SP's picture

oooh!!!! i want one!!
Jonathan Redaelly's picture

ill never be able to get one :( maun. hahah the vid was funny though. i love you pierre and chucky and sebastian you r funny too lol
mcflysp91's picture

I'll pay anyone who gets a hold of one double for what they paid, as long as the signatures are fresh as they look and not with the marker fading look, contact me by thanks must show some type of proof, a picture showing the price at the merch booth just so i know
Tam VM's picture

I'll never see them ever :( haha oh Chuck, you got Pierre signing you are the love of his life :) and Seb like what? :S hahaha I love you!!! you always make me smile :D
Saul's picture

*.* I want one
Julia_10's picture

Really??? It's not fair!!! I'll never gonna get this!!! Send me one to Ukraine, pleeeeeeaaase!!!! I guess I'm too naive!
tina moli's picture

OMG!!! there better be some for the next Australian tour!!!! I WANT ONE SOOO BADLY!!!!
Steph Santarelli's picture

omg im going to get this poster when you come to the air canada centre :D and also I love when Seb comes and just starts laughing =D
IzzieSolis's picture

LOOL Seb's like whaa? :$ BAHAHA
MVidGamz's picture

Pft- Seb just barges in. xD You guys are adorable~ Ugh.. I'd love to have one of those posters, but I'm in America, and broke.. o3o Boo.
hamssalovessimpleplan3's picture

I can't get one of these fml whyyy why am I in uae??!! I need one of thiss!! for my wall ;cc
mariawilliston's picture

I want one! :)
Anouck's picture

I want that poster so bad :(
Karin_2's picture

C'est que pour le Canada ?! :(
x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

I hope the merch stand opens before the show, because I want one!! And I'll tweet a picture of it hanging on my wall! Considering you wont be able to witness it personally, lol. Haha, Sebastien "What?" Love it!! Love you guys! Can't wait to see the show and meet you on Sunday!
Gabi Perini's picture

loved the end hahaha "this is a crazy vlog man!"
Yu-li Li's picture

Love the poster~ and the best Pierre's sign!! Seb's great appearing!
seb-astronaut's picture

Seb at the end :'D I wanna live in Canada and get one of those!._.
doro crazy bang's picture

Seb was the best :D
Sophiesue's picture

AWESOME!!!! aw i wish i lived in canada now ;P just so i could have a astronaut poster XD