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Photos From Portugal


Simple Plan WebCrew CA's picture
on March 14, 2012 - 11:52am

The European leg of the Get Your Heart On! Tour has begun and we've got some great photos to share with you, all the way from Portugal!

Simple Plan will be all over Europe, France, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Italy and so many other places, with friends We The Kings! Keep checking the mobile stream for all the latest TwitPics straight from the SP boys!

MyPortugal Photos | Palco Prinicipal Photos | Arte-Factos Photos


RockAmbre's picture

Just perfect !! <3 SP !
SimplePlanet's picture

cool !
Paulo Vitorino's picture

Best concert ever!!!! LOVE SP
pulsario's picture

susieq1979's picture

It was an AWESOME show!! Best SP show I've been to. The band is amazing! Loved every second of it. Hoping they come back soon. :)
Sonia's picture

Beautiful pictures !!! It makes me wanna see you again !!! I miss you guys :D
Bia Coelho's picture

The show in Portugal was really really awesome. I love you guys, and please come back soon, I promise i'll be there! It was the best show that I've ever been in my life.
Nieves García's picture

Are threre photos of the Madrid show?:)
Sara Fernandes's picture

The show in Portugal was just amazing....The tickets were expensive, and you know that Portugal is going through a crisis. But still there were many people at the concert :) A lot of people who liked to have gone but can not: ( So I'm sure the next time you were here will sold out the Coliseum. I was there in the front row. I was able to meet you and you guys are great. Obrigado and PLEASE come back soon.. kiss
JoanAraujo's picture

Sometimes musics and bands and singers are the best psychologists in the world! Sometimes just listening one song lift my mind, change my humor! Thank you guys so much for that =) Your always in my heart and keep doing great music ;) Thank you for the concert in Lisbon. WAS FANTASTICCCCCCCC :D
trinemusen13's picture

Can´t wait to you are in Denmark! Looking forward to se you rocking!
Katharina Weckerle's picture

I can't wait :))
sandra matias's picture

it was perfect! so happy that i got to be there :')
João de Almeida's picture

it was awesome!
Jhane Ho Caputolan's picture

Carla Valongo's picture

I was there *.* It was AWESOME! You guys are the best :D Obrigado!