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Matt Jams With Simple Plan


Amanderz's picture
on May 12, 2011 - 8:00pm

At the last Simple Plan Foundation event, Matt and his family were very generous, and made a donation to be able to jam with Simple Plan. This is what happened.



Days's picture

This kid is soooooooo lucky! How awesome!
Olka_SP's picture

I have no words to say how much sexy is David!
katy's picture

so jelous!!!! in the good way.......n david......lookin sexier than ever!!!!
BooBeany's picture

sorry to sound like such a girl but David I really like your hair!!! LOL x x
SARALARISA's picture

OMFG SO JEALOUS :// & David is so cuuute :$ ????????
magoo's picture

Xxsunny311xX's picture

he's awesome at bass :D
Ashley Desrosiers's picture

great job dude!! he is soo lucky! David is soo hott!!
SillyAndroid's picture

what written on the pick?'s picture

Sooo lucky to get to play with Simple Plan! I'm jealous!! (:
Naura _Zack_SP's picture

OMG.... i so jealous... but that is cool, matt...
Vero Duran's picture

OMG!! I'm SO jealous of Matt!! ^^ 1) He plays GREAT the bass *-* (but... not better than David) 2) He met the most AWESOME band ever... SIMPLE PLAN
.Rohh's picture

Great! But I prefer David in the bass *-* :P
Iheartspforeva's picture

So lucky! Simple plan is the best band ever!
D.D....Sophie...D.D.'s picture

This kid is very talanted...i didn't understand one thing, is David really quitting the band...hope not,he's awesome!?!
soffumo's picture

Matt is really lucky. :D
leila tamara sp's picture

This boy is very lucky
Stanikk's picture

he may be good, but he will never replace David... no one can replace David
péthiaa's picture

ahha! chanceux gars
Sweettiepat's picture

Hurray for you Matt! You're going to rock our socks soon! I'm sure ;) Congrats!
Laura C's picture

I think they're Matt's family
Im_Astronaut's picture

Who are girls back there????
Laura C's picture

Matt you're soooo lucky !!!!!! JEALOUS pouaaahhh
Ayelén's picture

que suerte :S
leungfadesrosiers's picture

aw! luckyboy!
Delilah's picture

Haha! Lucky boy :D
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cami2222's picture

Yeah!!! Way to go Matt!!! You have their blessing to bring the rock upon us all.
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x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

Luckyy! I hope he soaked up every minute of that day!