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Hamburg Vlog


  • Hamburg Vlog
    March 21, 2012

    Seb and Chuck decided to chat to the camera while on stage in Hamburg. Check out what they said.

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on March 21, 2012 - 7:08am

Seb and Chuck decided to chat to the camera while on stage in Hamburg. Check out what they said.


Nessieee95's picture

This concert was sooo awesome :)
A123's picture

you guys are awesome!
Tam VM's picture

aww you're so cute!!!!!! and I loved Chuck clapping at Pierre and his beatiful voice :3
Fer_SP's picture

*-* i love you guys!!!!!! ????????
SimplePlanet's picture

Maaaan that video is A W E S O M E Such a great idea !
Lilli's picture

you guys rocked it!!! I thought it could not be better than the last time, but you did it, good job! ;) Love you guys, and first time I get a picture with some of you (David and Seb), best day and night for me too, thanks =) Now I can only say you were and you are so freacking hot!!! ^^
_Marei_'s picture

It was the fucking best night in my life , my first simple plan concert and it was soo soo amazing !! and I saw chuck hide behind his drums :D you cannot fool me chuck :D haha gaawwd I'll never forget this night :))
NickGunnar's picture

"When you open your eyes, you will see that something is wrong" - Ya, I see something was going wrong, Poor Pierre, he don't know he's friends are recording vlog behind and he solos in the front.
azmosis's picture

That's embarrassing. I thought it said 'Hamburger vlog' and then wondered why there were no hamburgers.
Elisabeth de Montreal's picture

I love how passionate you are about what you do. It really inspires me.
Saul's picture

Haha, awesome vlog, cool idea to do it on stage ;D
Nayara's picture

What you was doing chuck??? LOL
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Clara_10's picture

i was there, i was standing in the first row and i saw it when chuck talked to the photograph behind his drums! ? ? ?
lovinSP's picture

Acoustic versions are my favorite! And I love the endings of their shows
Kristine Larin's picture

Stacy_kc's picture

How awesome it is! I wish I could sing in front of such a huge crowd came specially for me :) But you totally deserve this! Cant wait to see your show in Moscow! btw the song is the magical one!
Dasha Way's picture

Good idea! hahaha
MaryJane21's picture

how amazing is this *.* cant wait til next monday simple plan in vienna :) first time since 2010 at two days a week !!!
Cynthiaplan's picture

OMG the voice of Pierre is so beautiful!!! i love how sounds crazy in concert *.*
Epic Failia's picture

Awesome !
Silvia lol's picture

I love it
Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Yeah !
Jacky's picture

:) i was there yesterday and it was soooooo amazing...i'm so speechless..:)And...can you tell me what chuck and seb just saying? :D i only listen to pierre's voice :D
x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

That's so awesome! I love how Chuck just hangs out behind the drums just to watch the crowd, amazing!
Sonia's picture

OMG Pierre...your voice is amazing !!! I love this song, it's one of my favorites :D
severine_chouu's picture

Vite qu'on vous voit sur Toulouse !!
amelie_2's picture

la classe !! ça donne envis , vivement que je vous vois !!!!! et sinon j'ai rien compris , pierre chante trop fort ^^ mais on lui pardonne
Roxie Fogarity's picture

struggled to listen to that 1st time from singing along
Jet van der Doelen's picture

Can't hear what sucked. some one hears it?