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The guys in Kuala Lumpur!


  • The guys in Kuala Lumpur!
    January 18, 2012

    The guys keep rolling through South East Asia. Here is a look at some of the high lights in Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy!

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on January 18, 2012 - 7:39am

The guys keep rolling through South East Asia. Here is a look at some of the high lights in Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy!


qiqien94's picture

They came on 14/01 and the same date was my birthday. ^^
Manye's picture

Awesooome ! :D I can't wait to see you guys ! ?
Sonia's picture

Super vidéo !! Je les attends toujours avec impatience et je les regarde avec grand plaisir !! J'aime ça savoir où vous êtes et ce que vous vivez !! Et en plus je vois des endroits magnifiques par la même occasion !! Vous êtes très généreux...merci !! C'est peut-être pas grand chose pour vous mais pour les fans ça veut dire beaucoup !! Comme ça Pierre les filles t'attendent dans ton lit !!! Tu sais les comprends :D
Tássia's picture

what a wonderful view!!!!
dillawearsprada's picture

No, Thank YOU guys for giving us one hella night to remember xo? Just another Astronaut from Malaysia
maya_7's picture

Kaula Lumpur?? ok, dat one very funny.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! its Kuala Lumpur, sayang.. :)
Shahira Zainul's picture

"We'll come back so don't worry about that" please do so! Malaysians will be waiting for you guys! :)
hottbaguettes69's picture

"the guy talks too much, KEY POINTS. GET IN THE FUCKING VAN." LOOOL BEST.
Sophiesue's picture

awesome vlog guys ;P and Seb you're not ment to taste the hair spray LOL it is horrilbe thou XD
Patyto_SP's picture

haha! awesome! i love SP
stefpennyeric's picture

It's Kuala Lumpur guys not kaula :)
Mel_Addicted's picture

Pechán's picture

People waiting inside the sheets? That sounds like fun.
Valentine's picture

Pierre est complètement fou !! ;)
KathyFernandez14's picture

Seb, you are awesome!
meia013's picture

no video from Philippines? :'(
Juliemary's picture

how cool is this police escort,man! and a press conference and everything,seems that they are really really famous over there! i would love to have that in Germany for them,too:(
narta500's picture

It was great !!
Ruby Huang's picture

Hello Jeff = D
Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

A 2:25 La tête de Pierre est juste kiffante? :3 je suis Morte De Rire :DDDDD
Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Waah, super vidéo ! ?
CelineH38's picture

j'ai hâte de vous revoir en France ! xxx
MonicaSP's picture

gui gui gui gui gui I'm ready xD
Ann_5's picture

This one's great! Thanks esp to arrowbox! :)
attieycqkaah's picture

I was there! The show was siiiiiick! Thanks guys! Come back soon!
SimplePlanet's picture

Makes my heart beat sooo fast ! Wanna be with you again.