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Fan Favorite Vlog Countdown

Gardens admin's picture
on December 24, 2011 - 9:36am

Continuing to take a look back at this huge year for Simple Plan, let's countdown the top 3 fan favorite vlogs of 2011! (Great choices, guys!)

3. Behind The Music: The Simple P's Bust A Rhyme
This vlog was part of the release of the Simple P website skin... is this the skin you use for

2. Behind the Music: The SP's, A Rock 'N Roll Love Story
Another vlog to release the SP's website skin!

1. Simple Plan's 5 Simple Cures for Jet Lag
With their hit single "Jet Lag", who else knows how to cure jet lag better than SP? Take their advice the next time you travel and you won't be feeling a case of jet lag.