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Chuck and Seb visit the Kamakura Buddha


  • Chuck and Seb visit the Kamakura Buddha
    February 13, 2012

    With a rare day off overseas, Chuck and Seb decided to some sightseeing. I tagged along and this is what we saw..enjoy!

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on February 13, 2012 - 12:27am

With a rare day off overseas, Chuck and Seb decided to some sightseeing. I tagged along and this is what we saw..enjoy!


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I love how they keep going on about getting something to eat :')
llisa's picture

my fav part is when they're on the stationXD LOVE YOU
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yay!! so cool!! I'll definetely go there... some day ... :/ Chuck and Seb, why are so adorable? :3
YUKI's picture

The station staff "metaphorically" says he's expecting you, I guess:-)haha Thank you so much for coming to Japan!!!
IzzieSolis's picture

Why of course Seb, why WOULDN'T the Buddah be stoked to see you?? :) LOL
x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

Haha awhh, I love you guys!
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Great video guys! I liked what you were both wearing. That Buddha looked huge.
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Don't believe what they're translating at the station... It's all wrong!LOL But it's cute < 3 Glad that Chuck and Seb enjoyed!!
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Quel bonheur de vous voir comme ça! Merci de partager ça avec nous, vous êtes adorabl?e
Sonia's picture

I love it !! Thank you for sharing with us :)
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I saw ....I'm not alone to read "Kamasutra" lol ;) L'esprit mal Placé xD
Carolina's picture

Barcelona month away!!! 13th march!!
Pechán's picture

I don't know why I read 'Kamasutra' O.O
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AHAHAHA seb and chuck trying to understand the train person "hold on, yep buddha is still there" ahahaha omg such cuties
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Génial ! ;D
EMILIE_7's picture

I like it!!!
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haha bien tenté ma nouille. File à l'école !
Manye's picture

Parce que je suis secrètement mariée à Chuck alors il me font passer en premier ! MOUHAHAHAHAHA ! :D Non, pas du tout ! (a)
SimplePlanet's picture

EH, POURQUOI ELLE PASSE AVANT MOI ?! :) t'y retournes mais tu vas revenir voir si je t'ai répondu mwahaha
SimplePlanet's picture

Manye: oui bah oui ça coule de source xd... Et je travaille. Enfin, j'y retourne de ce pas !
Manye's picture

Simpleplanet : Ça coule de source ? Ah. ... Pardon x) J'y retourne aussi !
Manye's picture

Simpleplanet : Oooooh ! Vilaine ! Vas donc travailler ! (En plus, je sais pas toi, mais moi, Kamakura, je l'ai lu "Kamasutra" au début ...)
SimplePlanet's picture

This is a message for Manye: prem's !! (mais c'est mal)
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great i love it
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I love it =D
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Peace ;)