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  • With just two days left on the Warped Tour, you only have 2 more days to win David's bass guitar he uses during their set for "I'd Do Anything". If you're going to the two Florida shows today and Saturday make sure you show David your most creative way to show the "Stop Dreaming, Start Playing" slogan during their set! David is picking one winner a day on Warped to win his personal Squier by Fender Vintage Modified P bass.

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  • Spotify is a music service that allows you to stream unlimited music, create playlists, and share with facebook friends, and more. It's been out in the UK for awhile now but last week made it's debut here in the US and Simple Plan has a limited number of invites just for you Astronauts! Visit to get your own invite to join. I've been using it for the last week or so and I must say, I'm quite addicted... so get your invitation and check it out.

    Please note, invitations will only work for US connections.

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  • Who needs a stage to perform.. all you need is a voice, some instruments and a bus! Ok, you probably don't even need a bus, but it worked for this next video when Weekender Sessions dropped by SP's tour bus during the Warped Tour to film a little acoustic performance of "Can't Keep My Hands Off You". Check it out.

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  • AP Mag sat with members of Simple Plan, Relient K, Less Than Jake and more to talk about the things to do and more importantly, NOT to do when meeting your favorite bands. What did Jeff have to say? Keep reading to find out!

    Meeting People Is Easy: What To Do—And What *Not* To Do—When Approaching Your Idols
    The division between fans and musicians during a concert is self-explanatory: There’s the audience, there’s the band and what separates the two is the stage. But what do you do after the show, when that barrier is no longer there, and you have the chance to meet your idols in person?

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  • Here's Simple Plan to tell you why you should join the official SP Fanclub, the SPCrew. I'm a member, are you? Join here.

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  • Missed today's chat? Catch it now!

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  • When there's internet, Simple Plan will vlog! Here's Seb straight from my office at Atlantic Records to remind you of the webchat tonight at 5pm EST!

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  • David wants to get you to stop dreaming, and start playing... just like him! What better way to play like David than with one of David's personal Squier basses? Each day of the Warped Tour David will be picking one lucky winner to walk home with the bass he used during their set for "I'd Do Anything". The bass is Squier by Fender Vintage Modified P Bass guitar and all you have to do to win it is show up during the guys’ set with the most creative way of displaying the Stop Dreaming, Start Playing slogan. Pretty cool, right?

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  • Pulled from the Fan Covers video section, this week's featured fan is Lolilaeti with her "Astronaut" cover. We love the multiple shots and space themes in the background, nice work!

    Want to be featured next Friday? Keep posting your SP pictures, artwork, and videos on the site and you may be featured next week!

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  • Préparez vos questions pour SIMPLE PLAN ce week-end parce que ce LUNDI (5PM EST - heure de Montréal), il y aura un "chat" avec les boys du band! Il est très complexe d'avoir une connexion internet performante lors d'une tournée sur le Vans Warped Tour...mais ne vous inquiétez pas, car SP sera armé d'une caméra, d'un ordinateur et d'une connexion internet pour répondre à VOS questions!

    Rendez-vous lundi à 5PM au

    Bon week-end! (et parlez-en à vos amis)


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