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  • Hey Friends!

    We've been talking about new songs and the new EP for a while now and we're excited to finally share the first little bit of music with you! You can now check out a preview of "The Rest Of Us" right here!

    We'll be giving you tons more details on the EP's release date, cover art, song titles and more in the next few days. And of course, we'll have more songs to listen to! We're excited for you to hear some new music so keep checking back the site, follow us on Twitter @simpleplan and like us on Facebook to get all the updates!

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  • Procurez-vous un objet spécial et convoité, un souvenir unique de Simple Plan ou une occasion de vivre une expérience exceptionnelle en compagnie d’un ou de plusieurs membres du groupe. Certains lots seront vendus à la criée et quelques autres surprises pourront s’ajouter.

    1- Disque commémorant 1 million de ventes de SP au Canada - Warner Music
    2- Souper gastronomique avec les membres de SP - restaurant Le Muscadin
    3- Loge privée (12 personnes) au Centre Bell pour le spectacle Varecai du Cirque du Soleil, entre le 20 et le 30 décembre 2013 - evenko
    4- Guitare autographiée de Fall Out Boy

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  • We're heading to Australia and are really excited to announce that we are on the official Vans Warped Tour Australia 2013 roster! Aussies - we'll see you at the end of November!

    Get your tickets and find out more about where Warped Tour Australia will be traveling here:

    Can't make it to Warped Tour? Are you in Perth?! Tickets for our Perth, Australia show at Challenge Stadium on December 3rd are on sale NOW!


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  • Today's the day!

    Tickets for the 2013 Simple Plan Foundation benefit event are on sale at noon, but you can log in to the waiting room now if you are planning on purchasing tickets online.

    FR: La salle d'attente virtuelle

    EN: Virtual waiting room

    The virtual waiting room will give everyone a fair chance to buy tickets and will randomly queue customers for the on-sale time, and will allow you to enter your billing information in advance.

    Just for the fans, the first 100 tickets will be specially priced at $75.00! General admission tickets will be $150.00.

    It's going to be a great event, see you there!

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  • Simple Plan est heureux d’annoncer qu’à l’occasion de son événement-bénéfice annuel 2013, il partagera la scène avec des artistes amis, qui ont généreusement accepté d’appuyer la cause des jeunes. Outre Simple Plan, ce concert unique mettra en vedette Coeur de pirate et Les Trois Accords. La soirée sera animée par Anne-Marie Withenshaw.

    L’événement aura lieu le mardi, 12 novembre 2013, à 20 h, au Théâtre Corona Virgin Mobile, 2490, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal. Avant le spectacle, à 19 h, les artistes présents accueilleront leurs invités qui auront tout le loisir de les rencontrer, prendre des photos, participer à l’encan et au tirage, tout en dégustant des amuse-bouche et des rafraîchissements. Les portes ouvriront à 18 h.

    Tous les profits de la soirée seront remis à la Fondation Simple Plan. Simple Plan invite chaleureusement ses partenaires et ses fans à soutenir sa cause en se procurant dès aujourd’hui des billets à 150$; les frais de service sont en sus. Pour favoriser l’accès à ses fans, Simple Plan a choisi d’offrir les 100 premiers billets au prix réduit de 75$. Ceux qui sont dans l’impossibilité d’être présents peuvent offrir une commandite ou faire un don à la fondation.

    Les billets seront disponibles sur le site Web ( ou à la billetterie du Théâtre Corona (tél. : 1 855 310-2525), à compter de demain, vendredi, le 11 octobre, à midi. Si vous le préférez, vous pouvez également faire un chèque à l’ordre de la Fondation Simple Plan ou communiquer avec la fondation: téléphone: 514 331-5010; adresse postale: 800, Place-Victoria, bureau 4500, C.P. 391, Montréal, QC, H4Z 1J2.

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  • Simple Plan are proud to announce that, as part of their Foundation’s fundraising campaign this year, they will be sharing the stage with some of their artist friends who have generously offered their time in order to support young people in need. The first edition of the « Simple Plan and Friends » benefit show will take place on November 12th at the Virgin Mobile Corona Theater (2490 Notre-Dame W., Montreal) and will feature performances by Coeur de Pirate, Les Trois Accords and, of course, Simple Plan. This very special evening of music will be hosted by Anne-Marie Withenshaw.

    Before the concert, and as it is the case with every Simple Plan Foundation event, the band will be present as of 7PM to greet their fans, pose for pictures and take part in the auction and draws. Doors will open at 6PM.

    All of the evening’s proceeds wil be going directly to the Simple Plan Foundation, dedicated to helping young people in need or struggling with serious illnesses. The members of Simple Plan would like to invite all of their fans and partners to support the foundation by purchasing tickets for this special evening of music at a cost of $150 (+ service charges). Once again, the band will make the first 100 tickets available to their fans at a special price of $75. Those who are unable to attend are invited to participate via sponsorship or a donation to the foundation.

    Tickets will be available on-line or at the Corona’s ticket office (1 855 310-2525) tomorrow, Friday the 11th, at noon. Tickets can also be purchased directly by sending a cheque to the Simple Plan Foundation : 514 331-5010, 800 Place Victoria, bureau 4500, C.P. 391, Montreal, QC, H4Z 1J2.

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  • Earlier this morning, in celebration of International Music Day, the Université de Sherbrooke's School of Music received a very special, one of a kind gift from Jeff, his very own guitar!

    As a invited dignitary to the university, Jeff came to donate his guitar in person to the faculty and give one final performance with it before passing it on to the next generation of musicians at the school. Étienne Déziel is the lucky classical guitar student at the School of Music who will use Jeff's guitar during his entire undergraduate career. He also gave a performance on the guitar during the event, and the Université de Sherbrooke got this photo of Jeff and Étienne below!

    Jeff explains, "Handing over my own guitar, which I used as a student of the Montréal conservatory, is a symbolic gesture, I couldn't imagine passing it on to anyone not in the next generation of musicians...this guitar let me develop my potential and I hope that it will do the same for the student receiving it. The guitar holds a great deal of sentimental value for me. It has a number of outstanding qualities. Its high level of precision charmed me and the guitar has the gift of amplifying what the player asks of it."

    Check out for more news on the event and a video interview with Jeff!

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  • La Fondation Le Support - Fondation de la Déficience Intellectuelle célèbre cette année son 25e anniversaire. La mission de la Fondation est d’amasser des fonds pour soutenir les organismes œuvrant à l’intégration et à l’amélioration de la qualité de vie des personnes présentant une déficience intellectuelle. Le Support fait la collecte de vêtements et d’articles usagés donnés par la population et dont la vente permet de financer des projets présentés par des organismes qui viennent en aide aux personnes vivant avec une déficience intellectuelle.

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  • When Simple Plan visited Vietnam with MTV Exit, they performed at My Dinh Stadium for over 40 000 youth. The purpose of the event wasn't just to bring together everyone for a night of music, but to bring everyone together in the journey to end human trafficking and modern slavery, an issue that affects people everywhere in the world. Taking action to help improve the well-being and safety of yourself, others and your community is important. But before you take action, it’s important to know what the issues are, the signs associated with those issues and what steps you can take to initiate positive change.

    Tara Dermott, Head of Development at MTVExit, recently wrote a guest column in The Guardian on the importance of both awareness and action, and how Simple Plan helped bring awareness of the realities of human trafficking to local, regional and global youth with their documentary.
    Read Tara's article in The Guardian here.

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  • Don't feel blue that the Summer's cooling into the Fall, cheer yourself up with some super new designs straight from the UK Online Store, available now!

    Will you go with memories of "Summer Paradise"? Or perhaps rock with a vintage show poster style? Maybe introduce everyone to Simple Plan on a first name basis? So many choices to make!
    Once you've made up your mind on a shirt (or three!), get shopping and let everyone be jealous of your new threads.

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