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  • Prepare yourselves for the perfect summer day with the newest SP tank tops (and a tee) to keep you cool and fashionable in the heat! Are you a Summer Paradise sunset, or a 'live shot' kind of personality? Don't worry if you can't decide, you can grab both!

    A very special addition to the SP store this summer is a limited edition Simple Plan...wait for it...skateboard deck! There are only FIFTY (that's right, 50!) being produced, so you know it's going to be the most coveted board at the park this summer. These decks are formed from high quality wood - and won't ever be made in this design again. Add in your own grip tape, trucks and wheels and you'll have the hottest wheels rolling around, guaranteed!

    Pre-order all your summer gear now, tees and tanks will be released on June 18th and the Simple Plan skateboard deck on July 8th.



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  • When Memorial Day rolls around, it’s officially time to start counting down the days until summer arrives – and Simple Plan have got the perfect theme song lined up! Now, we all know and love “Summer Paradise”, but this is one you’ve never heard before. It’s “Summer Paradise (ft. MKTO)!! That’s right, the fantastic MKTO are joining SP down on the beach in a special version made just for the fans in the USA! Now that’s hot.

    The folks at Buzznet are major fans of the SP/MKTO collab and just can’t keep it to themselves, so they’re inviting you to have the first listen to “Summer Paradise (ft. MKTO)” right now!! While you’re streaming the song for the bazillionth time, set yourself a reminder for May 28th when you can download it worldwide (excluding Japan) on iTunes to take it with you on-the-run!

    With a hot track like “Summer Paradise (ft. MKTO)”, it’s hard to deny, #SummerStartsNow!

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  • Hey Astronauts! You might recall that nearly 6 months ago, Simple Plan helped launch Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield into space aboard the International Space Station, as the first Canadian Commander of the ISS!

    Mr. Hadfield has been up in space working on some serious space stuff, but he's also been sure to make time for sharing photos from his out-of-this-world experience via Twitter, filming great David Bowie covers and guitar singalongs, including a version of "Astronaut" and shout out to Simple Plan! A "hello" from space - the coolest thing ever, no?!? The guys are floored to have been included on such an amazing historical adventure and thought it only fitting to bring the galaxies together and finish off "Astronaut" where Mr. Hadfield left off, right here on Earth.

    Have a watch and tweet a 'Welcome Home!' to Commander Hadfield, the Astronaut of all SP Astronauts!


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  • May 07, 2013

    Last month the guys were in Japan to play Punkspring and a few headlining shows. 3 of the shows, the guys got to play with Weezer. As you know, Rivers, the lead singer of Weezer sang on CKMHOY. So this was the perfect opportunity to have Rivers sing the song with the guys. Here is some of the highlights.

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  • Japan has always been one of Simple Plan's most favourite places to visit, and if you didn't know by now, the guys recently recorded a Japanese version of "Summer Paradise" featuring their friend Taka from One OK Rock!

    When SP was in Japan just a few weeks ago, all of the guys got to hang out and film an official video for the track! You can watch it live now and visit the Land of the Rising Sun if you haven't been before!

    Don't forget that the track is available exclusively in Japan on iTunes or Android - take it with you on the go!

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  • 'Nuff said!

    Grab 20% off everything in the Simple Plan online store this weekend - start your summer off right with some brand new clothes, don't wait!

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  • Last May, Simple Plan traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam to participate in the massive MTV Exit project to raise awareness and help educate youth on the dangers and realities of human trafficking and exploitation. During their time there, the guys spent time with survivors and learned more about the global issue from local educators on what the reality is like to be an individual who is at risk of human trafficking.

    In true Simple Plan fashion, the guys documented their experiences and want everyone to get involved in helping to end these horrific crimes. In partnership with MTV Exit, USAid, AusAID and WalkFree, Simple Plan has released their video diary of their journey in Vietnam. You can read more about it on MTV Buzzworthy and also watch the SP+MTVExit video for "This Song Saved My Life".

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  • April 02, 2013

    The guys were in China last week and had an awesome time. Here are some of the crazyness that went on!.

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  • Simple Plan are so proud to be honoured with the Allan Slaight Humanitarian Spirit Award, which they were presented with during Canadian Music Week in Toronto. On receiving the award, the band shared the story of how they came to be inspired to start the Simple Plan Foundation and the legacy they can leave to inspire a new generation.

    Samaritan Magazine shares some of the band's thoughts on the philosophy behind the SPF and excerpts from their gala speech. Read on!

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  • It's no secret that "This Song Saved My Life" is a special song for so many amazing SP fans, and that's exactly the reason why the band called on all of you to join in the official video by sending in your photos, videos and favourite lyrics from the song. You've been waiting patiently as the finishing touches for the video were being completed and now it's finally time for you to see the video! After you've watched "This Song Saved My Life", don't forget to share it with your friends and everyone who's ever helped you along the way - after all, you and the guys wrote this one together!

    No matter where you are around the world, you'll be able to catch the premiere of the video online, today!

    Television: MusiquePlus between 18h-19h

    Online: Simple Plan Official Youtube |

    Tweeting the video? Use #SimplePlanTSSML!

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