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  • Two missions for our SPCrew, SPArmy, SPFamily, SPAstronauts.... and everyone else out there! (Clearly we didn't figure out our one name yet). Let's help SPread the word about Simple Plan's singles on the radio and that their new album is in stores June 21st. So grab some of your tools below, post them everywhere, make them your twitter or facebook avatar picture and get the word out there. Get Your Heart On! is in stores June 21st.

    Request Simple Plan On Your Radio Station, check out for your local radio stations that are playing SP.

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  • New sneak peek at the album packaging + the full lyrics to "This Song Saved My Life". Want more about this track? Watch the boys track by track for the song here.

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  • We heard you guys on twitter and facebook today and decided to bump up access to stream the entire Get Your Heart On! album to tonight instead of Friday. So, if you pre-ordered the Ultimate Fan Bundle, check your email tonight at midnight EST for instructions to stream the album! Didn't pre-order and want to hear the album + get cool stuff? There's still time to pre-order, click here.

    When you're listening to the album tonight, don't forget to check in to Simple Plan on Get Glue and earn those new stickers! (See post after this).

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  • Beginning today, you can earn two more Simple Plan stickers on Get Glue. We've just unlocked the Get Your Heart On! Coming Soon sticker and the Simple Plan Superfan sticker! Check the instructions below on how you can earn these two.

    - Simple Plan Superfan - When you check in fifteen times or more to Simple Plan, you'll earn the Simple Plan Superfan sticker. Click here to begin checking in.

    - Get Your Heart On! Coming Soon - Beginning today, you can earn this sticker just by checking in to Simple Plan. Click here to begin checking in.

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  • In today's track by track, the guys talk about the song that's "by the fans, for the fans".. the track titled "This Song Saved My Life." The song the band reached out to YOU guys to not only send in what their songs have meant to you, but brought some of you guys in to the studio to sing on the record. As a fan myself, I absolutely love this song.. so special. Take a look at the video to get a sneak peek!

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  • Like OMYGOD! Now this is bodaciously awesome, I’m like having a major cow right now! This is like, scandalously hot!

    The multi-platinum sensation Plan! is back with a gnarly new album and a yummy new website! Totally Fierce!

    The guys look soooooo rad! Chucky, Jeffrey and Sebby looking oh so fine! I swear Davie is looking at just me! And Pierre ….like my personal boy toy! Who wears short shorts ;) ? They got the right stuff …baby!

    Fer sure!

    (make sure to like, click on the button skin at the top to check out the new site if you're not seeing it)

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  • While overseas last week, the guys stopped by to do a 2-song acoustic performance with Alter the Press. They performed "Jet Lag" and "Can't Keep My Hands Off You".. check it out here!

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  • While in the UK, the guys hit up the Kerrang Awards for the first time ever. Take a look at a sneak peek from the awards - from the craziness on the red carpet, to the crazy food and entertainment inside. Pierre also was on stage to present the Best Live Act to All Time Low.

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  • There are just 9 days until Get Your Heart On! is in stores. That means you're time is running out to order your exclusive Get Your Heart On! packages, so order now before they're gone forever. Pick up the Ultimate Fan or Premium pack and not only will you get immediate downloads of almost HALF the album, but you'll also get your hands on limited edition merch that isn't available anywhere else (like that surfboard poster!). Don't wait, click here to order yours now!

    On a side note: I've been seeing that some of you are getting order cancelled notices.

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  • Simple Plan were in Germany last weekend to perform at the Rock am Ring 2011 festival. The entire festival streamed live, but if you missed it - catch a replay of Simple Plan's performance at The guys performance includes "Jump", "Jet Lag" with a live guest appearance from Sierra of VersaEmerge, and "Your Love is a Lie".

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