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  • Simple Plan and the Simple Plan Foundation are offering a limited amount of specially priced tickets to members of SPCrew for MUSIK with Simple Plan: SP Foundation Benefit Lunch at the Montreal Science Center.

    If you are a member of SPCrew attending this benefit event, you may purchase your tickets by November 1st through Simple Plan Ticketing for only $75. A $3 fee per ticket will be added for online purchases through this ticketing page. For access to this special offer or to become a member now, please go to

    The event will take place on Sunday, November 18, 2012, at noon, at the Montreal Science Center, in the Old Port. For more information, please check out the attached invitation. SPF Invitation

    SPCrew members can support the Simple Plan Foundation by buying tickets now : $75 (parking included) and get a free entry to visit the exhibitions MUSIK: From Sound To Emotion, presented by the Montreal Science Centre and a special Simple Plan exhibition to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

    For more information or further questions regarding the event: -

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  • The members of Simple Plan and the Simple Plan Foundation are pleased to announce their 5th benefit event, a whole day entirely dedicated to music, organized within the context of the exhibition MUSIK : from sound to emotion, presented by the Montreal Science Center.

    The members of the band, as well as our popular hosts, Éric Salvail and Isabelle Racicot, will be happy to welcome you. While enjoying delicious tapas, you will have the opportunity to meet them, to take part in the auction and the drawing, and to attend an acoustic concert.

    Support the Simple Plan Foundation by buying tickets now : $125 (parking included) and get a free entry to visit the exhibition MUSIK, completed by another exclusive Simple Plan exhibition to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

    The event will take place on Sunday, November 18, 2012, at noon, at the Montreal Science Center, in the Old Port. For more information, please check out this invitation.


    Tickets bought before November 5th will be sent by mail; after this date, they will be available at the greeting desk, the day of the event, on presentation of proof of identity and payment. $5 fees will be added for online purchases.

    Information :

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  • The Summer is sliding into Fall and that means it's time to cozy up in a new hoodie or tshirt! Beginning now until the end of October, when you spend $20.00 or more at the online Simple Plan store, you'll get a free "Surf" poster with your purchase!

    Shop now because there's only a limited number of posters left!

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  • Well it was about time! The wait is over and my 100K followers video is ready for your viewing pleasure. This epic video adventure was filmed across 5 locations, required the use of over 25 actors and extras, 3 script rewrites and was masterfully directed by the phenomonal director, Mr Good Guy himself, Chady! That explains why it's over 2 months late...You can't rush comedic genius ;-)

    I'm sorry for making you all wait that long and i hope you will enjoy this little movie and that it will put a smile on your face and make you laugh.

    On a more serious note, i'm absolutely blown away that i have reached this amazing milestone. I'm so grateful to all the SP fans who care about this band and support us. It's a true pleasure to read your tweets and talk to you everyday. Thanks for inspiring us and being the reason why we love playing music and being in this band.

    See you at the shows!


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  • September 02, 2012

    Minutes before the guys hit the stage this weekend for their last show in Canada for a while. Pierre and Chuck decided to do a quick vlog to talk about the up coming tour in Central and South America in October. See you at the shows !!!

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  • Astronauts, are you ready for lift-off?

    Simple Plan’s “Astronaut” is about to get played among the Milky Way! This December, Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield will begin a 6-month mission aboard the International Space Station, during which time he will become Canada’s first Commander of the ISS! Mr. Hadfield is a musician and a huge music fan (he’ll even be playing and recording when he has free time in space!) and has made a promise to Simple Plan that he’ll play “Astronaut” while he’s floating amongst the stars.

    Mr. Hadfield says “Canadians have written some of my favourite music. I look forward to floating weightless…playing and singing songs from Lightfoot to Simple Plan. A wonderful way to be close to home. Thanks Simple Plan for taking me on tour with you! I look forward to playing Astronaut in orbit on my own round-the-world tour. I won’t want to come down!

    Check out this video message that Simple Plan made for Mr. Hadfield while in his hometown of Sarnia, ON!

    Want to take part in Mr. Hadfield’s world tour?? Join in the Chris Hadfield World Tour Photo Challenge by snapping your photo with a 2-D cut-out at your local science center, printing your own or adding Mr. Hadfield in afterwards using the CSA’s online tools!

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  • Simple Plan's online merch store has just been topped up with the newest and coolest designs! Whether you're feeling like an Astronaut or a little bit like a rockstar for a guitar pick necklace, there's something for everyone!

    A bunch of items are on preorder to be released August 31st, so be sure to place your order now!


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  • Earlier this Spring, Simple Plan had an amazing opportunity to work with MTV Exit on their campaign against human trafficking and perform for 40 000 youth in Hanoi Vietnam's My Dinh Stadium for the first time!

    Following this massively successful concert to raise awareness around the issue of human trafficking and the devastating consequences, the boys made a special trip with the Sapa O'Chau and Pacific Links teams to meet and spend time with the at-risk and vulnerable populations in the remote communities.

    On September 1st, MTV SouthEast Asia will air MTV Exit: Simple Plan in Vietnam, following the band on their journey with MTV Exit.

    September 1st 12:30pm (WIB), 1:30pm (SIN/HK/PH), 2:30pm (MAL)

    September 2nd 3pm (WIB); 4pm (SIN/HK/PH), 5pm (MAL)
    September 4th 8:30am (WIB); 9:30am (SIN/HK/PH); 10:30am (MAL)
    September 29th 8:30pm (WIB); 9:30pm (SIN/HK/PH); 10:30pm (MAL)

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  • Huge news Europe!!

    You've been loving Summer Paradise so much that it's reached the number one spot on the charts! There might only be a couple weeks of summer left, so make 'em count!

    Keep on requesting Summer Paradise at your local radio and be sure to load up your iPod with the Summer Paradise EP from the iTunes UK store, which features 2 super-extra-bonus tracks: Astronaut (Naked) and Loser Of The Year (Acoustic). Grab it now!

    It's not too late to be whisked away to paradise, watch the video here:

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  • Ever wonder what the Simple Plan boys are huge nerds for?

    This summer join Simple Plan and Wonka in the NERDS Unite! movement to celebrate all the awesome things that make you an individual and stand up against bullying. It's super easy to join in, all you need to do is visit Wonka on Facebook and share what you're a NERD for!

    When the NERDS Unite! movement gets to be at least 10 000 strong, Wonka will make a huge donation to STOMP Our Bullying and together we can be tolerant, kind, respectful and stand up for each other. Find more details on NERDS Unite! here.


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