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Buy "Summer Paradise ft. Sean Paul" on iTunes Now


Amanderz's picture
on February 28, 2012 - 3:11pm

Simple Plan's "Summer Paradise ft. Sean Paul" is available on iTunes across the world (including the U.S. as of today!). Click here to download on iTunes now!



NurulYunita's picture

so cool and thats great
Larissa Nicoletti's picture

minha musica ne s2
Dani Bouvier's picture

it's not true!i can't buy it on mexican itunes!!! :'(
joiienick's picture

c'est fait depuis qu'elle est sortie oh yeah :D
Lindsey Trimble's picture

This song kick's ass...;D
Mouchitta's picture

Cool :D
colleen puras's picture

already got but dont like rap yuck in my book
Mel_Addicted's picture

Tuna Kaynak's picture

Silvia lol's picture

I Love SIMPLE PLAN!!! ???
NATALIA DIAZ_2's picture

SIMPLE PLAN are the best in the world...i love you
Karin_2's picture

Je la trouve pas en France :((
MiraJim's picture

not available in Malaysia iTunes Store :(
MaddeWester's picture

Would be awesome if it was available on Spotify as well guys... Can't wait to see you play in Stockholm in April! 10 days before my birthday, the count down begins: 48 days to go!
germanSPastronaut's picture

i did it !!!! amazing =)
MonicaSP's picture

Cool ! :D
XxRoos_SP's picture

It's not available on Dutch itunes and since I don't have a creditcard either, I can't buy it :(
Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Super ! :)
Sonia's picture

I did it !!! Thanks again guys for the amazing show that you did in Montreal last week !! Come back soon, I miss you already :D
SimplePlanet's picture

the cover looks great
Saul's picture

Summer... beautiful, hahaha Love the song
Sophiesue's picture

Bought mine yesterday on Itunes and on here SP store ;P >_