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Simple Plan


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Simple Plan
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We are Simple Plan. Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Sebastien Lefebvre, Jeff Stinco
Simple Plan


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i want to know your name one by one

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I can't say anything else that you guys are the best! you always make me into a great mood and it is fantastic!

I love you! - Looking forward like a madman to you are coming to Denmark for April!

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Heeeey whats up guys? We love you so much LOVE LOVE LOVE we are still waiting yours come to Turkey :) and Yours better than Madonna's army :D #SPinTurkey2012 Boo yaa :D

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#SPinTurkey2012 We need Simple Plan please help us.@simplan plan We love youu.Turkish Astronauts waiting guys please please please.We waiting helps.We beg youu etc. etc. etc. Please come to Turkey LOVE YAA.. #SPinTurkey2012

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Vitria Skulvlaqueswenn's picture

When you come to my Country Indonesia ??

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97x's Next Big Thing at the 1-800-ask-gary Amphitheater is on December 3 and I thought FOR SURE you guys would be playing there. Why aren't you? I notice you don't have shows around that time. It would be so cool if you could get added!

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Hey guys, if you guys were to choose a nationality other than Canadian to be, what nationality will you guys choose?

mls's picture

SP, my best friend and I have been huge fans since we were 13. My friend is now about to turn 21, what can i do to get a bday message for her form you guys!!!?!? its the only thing i can think worthy of giving her for a 21st.

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I'm writing a song dedicated to SP =) I hope it will not bad)

aweSAM's picture

hey guys!! really love your songs...and I want to say is that because of you my life has a purpose!!!!...whooooooo!!! rock on!!

Kelly_7's picture

Hey Jeff happy happy belated birthday, hope u enjoyed ur day.What's the weirdest birthday u guys ever received?

petra's picture

hey, what was the craziest thing a fan ever did for you?

lety95astronaut's picture

guys!im sad because i cant see you in bilbao! (spain) but!!!!i´ve got your music and im waiting for see you soon!im sure that you´ll come back with energy and rock&roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^[

Casich SP's picture

I only want to tell you a thing: THANK YOU!
Thank you for your awesome music, my life wouldn't be the same without it.
Thank you for the amazing people you are, you're too nice with all the fans.
Thank you for understanding and teaching us.
Well, I'd write a million things about you, so.. Thank you guys. For everything.
I love you so much.

Directly from Italy, Alessia :3

simpleplanrulesthisworld's picture

i love forever peace you guys
fantastic muisc

IGotMyHeartOn_2's picture

Hey guys I'd just like to sincerely thank you for continuing to make such amazing music. Also, I'd like to thank you again for letting my boy Derick ask me to marry him on stage. I don't think I could ever express how much it really meant to me

SPAstronaut413's picture

Get Your Heart On! Is soo amazing, I got yelled at for listening to it too much. I probably gonna break the album from listening to it.

vmb's picture

Thank you, Simple Plan for all the awesome lyrics! You're the best. Come to Norway soon.

SIMPLE PLAN♥'s picture

Haha! You have -2 pictures!

Liz-chan's picture

Thank you 4 being you love you guys!

Kelly_7's picture

David this is 4 u. Out of curiosity why did u change ur hair 2 blonde?

Kelly_7's picture

Hey Jeff next time u guys have a chat can u ppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sing a song or a few lines of any song. i don't think I ever heard u sing b4.Thanks in advance Kelly

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Thank you for being there for us when no one else was.
Thank you for giving us hope.
Thank you for giving us inspiration and motivation to continue on.
Thank you for LOVING us.
Thank you for always being able to put a smile on our faces.
Thank you for teaching us to be ourselves-who cares what anyone else thinks!
Thank you for being YOU!
Thank you for everything.

Astronaut_Sue's picture

guys thank you so much for GYHO!
it's just perfect.
I have a question, you always wrote that people sent you letters?
but where stands a adress where you can write the letters too?

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Que dirian o harian si una fan como yo les pidiera pasar un dia con ustedes, al momento de verlos? o una sesion de fotos con ustedes? se tomarian el tiempo?

What would you say or do if a fan as I asked you to spend a day with me, when I meet you? or a photoshot with me? would you take the time with me?

answer if you want u.u

Kelly_7's picture

Who are your motivators and why? [generally and music wise]

Kelly_7's picture

Hey, you guys write the best lyrics and create the best music, a natural gift you guys have. When you guys are finished with a tour or the promoting of an album, when you guys get home what's the 1st thing you guys do?

JeffStincoFan's picture

I love you :')

Kelly_7's picture

Hey Kelly here, will you guys ever cum 2 Trinidad and Tobago (Maroon Five 2 launch a radio station and Sugarcult came yeaaarrrrsssssss ago 90 something, LIT came Mark Mcgrath came as well recently) Can u guys pppppplllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz come? I would really love 2 meet you guys in person. Trinidad is right next 2 Valenzuela tiny country on the map though [Trinidad is shaped something like a shoe]

Kelly_7's picture

Hey wantd 2 ask u guys, how do u guys deal with being away from ur family and friends when u guys r soo far from home?

ps hope it's cool that i'm asking so many questions [really want 2 heresomething from u guys 2 me]

Seli's picture

When will you come to Germany!!!
I Love your Music!!!
Please come to Germany!!! We Need you!!!

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Hey guys my exams and assignments are finally over and results are coming out in August. Was wondering how do you guys deal with nerves? Any advice on dealing with my nerves? :)

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why does your profile info say you've got -1 images? pouahh!!

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Hey les gars! J'ai trouvé un album classique génial qui interprétait vos chansons avec des instuments comme du violon sur HMV CA! Voici le site:

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i love the new video behind the scene.. it's totally rockin man!

@SonhoComCanada's picture

Come to Brazil guys !

Rhea's picture

Indonesia Want Simple Plan!! ;D

Luiza_'s picture

come back to Brasil please!!!! ?

YYaamila_SP's picture

Come back to Argentina!!! ?

Cris95's picture

When are you comming to Colombia!!!!!!!!? :D

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Why for your contry it is written usa? Montreal is in Canada. LOL

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Hey guys, you rock!

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We miss you guys, please come to Sweden

Cecy Arce's picture

why your country says USA? :s

VickyComeau's picture

Please guys come to Spain :)