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Pryssylla Rellen da Silva Cordovil's picture

I love you, my little prince dave, you for me is special, the my prefered, love your way of to be, you have a lovely sweeted, love your smile, You have a voice of angel, when speak in portuguese, I love of more begin Always how is, never change , kisses, god bless and ligth, of your fan and friend brazilian of belem para.

Rainami Ra's picture

I Love You........!!! You make my heart melt :D

a-ville's picture

Please, go back in France ! :-)

MariaPetsch's picture

I miss you... I mean I miss your posts so much. I'm just saying! (:'s picture

Hey David
how are you?
I like it when you sing and play bass. Your music gives me power for the whole day.
Please come back to "Zürich" (Switzerland)!!!!!
I woud have loved a photo with you and autograph.
I like you....and i hope to see you again :)

CelineKate's picture

Happy Birthday to you! :) <3
I wish you the best of luck on this special day, happiness and health! :)

sophee99's picture

hey David, you're amazing bassist!!!!!! You rock ;D

Karina Ayuningtyas's picture

hey, david! come online please :)

MolezBouvier's picture

i like when you played the bass :)

KatherineHernandez's picture

i love simple plan............ specially David........ you are the best ; )

tanderson28's picture

you and the guys should come and visit and maybe perform in the town you were born in aha would be pretty cool and a lot of people would show up , I'm sure of it :)

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i love yooooooou!! david!! yo are sooooooooo crazy haahahah you know that!!! anyway,you are a great person and I admire you too,because you don't afraid to show you like who you are and that inspire me, really. So i just want to say thank you for anything your mood always happiness, and have this power in every concert,although i never gone to your concerts,but no matter.
Always be wait for you and of course for the band!! i love you soo much!! really

JaqueliineDeGerarWay's picture

you saved my life even without knowing me thank you very much

emmkinz12345's picture

You and the rest of the band mean the world to me

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Thanks for your music and everything else! You made Rock am Ring special two years ago and the night in Strasbourg was..!)§$("§$ :) Can't wait to see you again! Rock am Ring 2013! I'll be waiting backstage under the stage for you..

ClaramjulienSP's picture

Je t'aime...

Dianadk's picture

Buen culo :) Jajajaja

Dianadk's picture

Nice ass <3

IsabelaBarahona's picture

I LOVEEEE YOU DAVID♥ You're the best ever. You're so funny, come back to Colombia♥

CarlaR_sp's picture

hello david please go back to Argentina!..♥

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The voice that I hear every time,
Drums inside my head,
Guitar in my heart,
Bass resounds in my body.

The amazing song
that I listen in bad and good moments,
my escape;
This is the reason that I love you.

The voice is one of the best,
My heart paralyze with this sound;
And the reason is easy.

My problems disappear in the moment,
The drums that I hear
damped my pain,
The bass and guitar
Listen when I cry.

I think I'm "crazy"
But I can't be "perfect",
And I say "shut up"
And listen to myself.

I'm "addicted" to the music.
This is not "the end",
This is the beginning of "summer paradise",
"I can't wait forever"
For your love.

"I'd do anything"
Because "I'm just a kid",
My parents don't understand that
And I say "one day" they understand,
That I need to "grow up".

In my "perfect world",
The only "promise"
Is "saving you" to pain.

"Jump" to the moon
And meet "my alien",
Be one "astronaut",
I will "meet you there".

It's "time to say goodbye"
Because "your love is a lie",
This is the reason there's "no love" here.
I need "one" minute to think,
"What if" you really love me?

"When I'm with you",
There's you and "me against the world"
And "every time" I say "thank you"
For every special moment.

I'm the "loser of the year"
But the winner of my heart.

I'm "holding on"
"This song saved my life"
But "when i'm gone"
I'm wanna be the "last one standing".

So "take my hand"
And "welcome to my life".

Love you guys, this is the first poem that I write in English.

KariseSampaio's picture

David, you just devastated here in Fortaleza - Ceará Music festival in Brazil, I met with you in the cabin front stage .. you beautiful and considerate. Come back soon.

Maija's picture

What have you been up to? I miss you.... #youvegonequiet

DTrix's picture

Happy 32th Birthday David! You change my life....

DTrix's picture

Happy 32th Birthday David! You change my life....

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Today my favourite bassist turns 32! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !! <3
Wish you have a great day today :D and I want to say that because of you I'm a bassist too :DD
^You guys really saved my life^
Love you so much :3 <3

Carla Santos's picture happy birthday honey bee :D it's 00.04 here in Portugal. i love you, enjoy the video i made for yah :). enjoy your day :) kisses xoxoxo

Carla Santos's picture

hey David :) hope u'll be back in Portugal sometime :) not to far from now :p love you ;)

Rome SP's picture

I love you soo fucking much *.* hope i'll see you in germany soon <3

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Lissie Diekelmann's picture

thanks for the suprise at the show in hamburg.
i love the pic with you

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Hello.... It was impossible to see you last summer in Bilbao... Now that I am not in Spain you came to BCN and Madrid... it is impossible to see you on Monday (weekday=workday) in Vienna... and it will be impossible to see you in Zurich on April 28th... You make it really difficult! haha :) Why not come to BUDAPEST on March 27th to do some tourism at least? It's a beautiful city! ;P Just kidding :)
Enjoy the rest of the tour!!!!

Karoline_4's picture

You was so amazing, yesterday!


Diana Franco's picture

MY LIFE ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ thanks thanks thaks ¡¡¡¡ for this 10 years ¡¡ i love u so much ....

Risma Cindiyani's picture

davidd... davidd.. davidd... u know what?? u always in my mind n my heart.. hehe i dont know what should i say.. for 9years im crazy about u.. happy 10th years for ur first album david n SP... =*

jenlwphoto's picture

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Diana Franco's picture

DAVID ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ sweetie i love u so much ¡¡¡ I love your way of thinking... Greetings from Colombia :*

azmosis's picture

daaaaaaavvvvviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddd. Hi. I'm starting my drawing of you now. It has to be done before your melbourne show in june so i can give it to you ^_^ so yeah.

SpForever_4's picture

I love you David Desrosiers!!!!! You're my favorite member in the band!! 

Lucia_SP's picture

Heey guy!! I love your music! :D
In Spain, Will be a photo show too?? And you will show fan photos during the song This Song Save My Live??? Answer me please! :)

JiMeNa's picture

Hello David
I just wanna tell you you're the most handsome of the group
you look great with black hair
I really want to come soon to Mexico
love you guys

MC_BB_TEENY's picture

What's up David!!! i'm following you @ twitter

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Hi david ...i love you your fan from slovakia....please come to Slovakia

montrealgirlSP4ever's picture

oui!!!! @fille-de-montréal-love-sp à tro raison. moi aussi je serai au show à beaubois le 26 juin prochain, c'est moi qui va jouer le drum sur welcome to my life! j'ai tro hate !!! :D

je sais pas si tu va lire ce message, pi aussi je sais meme pas pourquoi j'écris ça... ptetre un élan de folie et de bonheur en pensant à que dans moins de 2 semaine (13 jours) je vais re-voir le best band ever ( c'est à dire le tien :D) en show !!!

Plus que 13 jours avant le show au cente bell !!!! JAI TRO HATE !!!!

fille-de-montréal-love-SP's picture

je sais que toi t'as pas été a Beaubois comme le band, mais le 26 juin je vais faire un show avec ma bass la bas, ça va etre fou! je vas jouer welcome to my life:)

fille-de-montréal-love-SP's picture

je sais pas si tu lis tes message, mais je vais prendre le temps de te dire merci. merci, paske si t'avai pas fait ton affaire de "stop dreaming start playing", j'aurais pas eu un genre de déclic avec la bass. apres ça, j'ai genre suplié 1 million de fois mes parents pour qu'ils m'en achetent une. yzétaient tannés apres 6 mois de harcelements quotidiens pis y men on acheté une :) faike la, j'ai enfien un vraie passion qui va durer 4ever; jespere me rendre aussi loin que toé avec ça...

anyway, tu dois trop te foutre de l'histoire de ma vie, mais fallait que je te le dise. encore merci:)
i love u et j'ai hate de te voér(avec le band bien sur!) au centre bell dans 13 jours! sa va etre fucking malaaade!

SPsavedmylife_3's picture

You are my hero, really
I am buying and going to be learnign bass, because you play so FREAKING AWSOME Amazing! which inspieres me so much, and I love how hyper you are (entertaining, even how low or down I feel) :D

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umeco's picture

Hi David!(???)??
I'm Japanese.
I went to the live in Nagoya yesterday.
I was very very happy because I was able to see you nearby.
I love Simple Plan and you!!(*>?

Inalovesgeeway's picture

Hi David, i am so gonna sign up for SPcrew the minute i get my first pay so i might have the chance to get myself M&G pass to meet you guys. If i really get the chance to meet you guys, i promise i'll play your favourite Simple Plan songs on my ukulele specially for you! Please come back to Singapore again okay? Promise?
*pinky promise*