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SP fan since 2004 :) I'm a French girl living in Montreal. I'm crazy and always try to be nice :)
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I don't really have a favorite song ... It depends of my mood :) But "Welcome To My Life" and "Last One Standing" mean a lot to me ♥


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hey :D ça fait un bon ptit boutte qu'on s'est pas parlé icitte! :)

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hey, thank you for sharing your experiences and opinions about Montréal, London, and Paris. Canada sure is quite known for the friendliness and great views. I've seen a bit of Montréal in the 'Just for Laughs' show a few times and the people sure are very cool and nice that they don't get mad for getting pranked -careful, you might get pranked too when you got there XD-. heh.

as for Jakarta... erm... I think people are somewhere between nice and rude. I met both kinds before. I think things are way nicer in the countrysides, so... yeah. ^_^; as for the city, well... it's more of buildings, really. the traffic isn't the best cause it's so easy to get stuck in a traffic jam -only during work hours, though-, while pollution and trash are probably some big problems here, too. I rarely go out, though, so I may be wrong. and that's just in the main streets. the place where I live is a neighborhood, so it's calmer. :)

heh. you sure are; and thank you back. I don't know why my grandma used this word, though... maybe she got a French influence somewhere, or there's just some kind of candy brand named 'bonbon'. I don't know. XD

thank you, too... it does feel a bit confusing, doesn't it? ^_^; and thanks again about the info about Africa. I guess it's really easy to imagine that Africa has a lot of dialects. :)

thank you for searching for the pic! I think I've seen one of those kind of bags before. looks nice to hold shopping groceries. heh. here's a pic of the cheese from Kraft that'll hopefully help that I managed to find:

I can really imagine that. XD I too feel like that -especially cause it's my first concert, I guess- and that sure is smart that you choose to go only on holidays, then. do you perhaps feel 'possessed' like that too when the guys announce new things like videos and such? :) thanks before.

heh. that's cool, then. :) and thanks. maybe I will. thank you so much.

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no worries. glad that you felt better and good luck for the exam. haha. maybe you can still take a walk for one or two hours before you start studying if the weather's that good. ;)

thank you back. :D heh, I imagine they'd be, especially there in France. sorry about your allergy, though... -sigh- it sure is sad sometimes that what you wish to enjoy turns out to be not that enjoyable cause of allergy or such... hope you can handle this somehow. ^_^;

heh. thanks again for sharing about the Music Day... I wonder why it's on June 21, though. was it because it's the start of summer... or cause of GYHO? I mean, it's 'Music' Day. XD haha. -kicked-

all cool. thanks, too. :) I can see how big this test is for you, so I hope for you too that everything will go well, then. it sure could be a bummer if you can't go to Montreal this year. heh.

...well, probably cause my username has 'tea' in it. XD haha. -slapped- and that's all interesting. I never knew there's white tea before. and I also don't know that aloe vera can be combined with green tea. at my place, I think the most common tea to be found is the black one. we also combine the tea with flowers, fruits, milk, and even soda. it tastes a bit odd for me cause I'm not a fan of soda, though. ;P and we also have green tea. in my city, it's combined into so many things more than beverages, like cake, rice cake, bread, ice cream -my mom just bought some, haha-, and candy. thanks for telling me about a lot of things and for letting me tell you about some things, too. ;)

hmm... I'm afraid it's the first time that I heard it, but I guess it's an international association of some kind, hmm? :/ and I guess international schools are always like that; very selective and probably a lot more expensive, too... heh.

and that's cool. I think I'd love to try to live in a countryside, too. it seems peaceful. but sure, there are things that I love about cities and countrysides, so both are cool, I think. :)

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Hey Manye i miss you here! :)

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Mélanie! Je ne sais pas où on en est avec nos commentaires! Attends.. bonjour! (j'avais oublié avec la précipitation x)) Tu vas bien? Ca fait longtemps que l'on ne s'est pas parlé.. Je cherches notre dernier commentaire... hum... Oh la vache, ça date de 4semaines : j'ai honte de moi x) ! Avec les épreuves au collège, les devoirs, les sorties... pendant un bon moment je n'ai pas eu le temps de t'écrire, mais depuis peu, là, ca va beaucoup mieux et j'écris à peu près avec tout le monde x) :D

Donc, je voulais te demander, tu veux faire quoi plus tard? Et tu as bien fais ton dossier et tout ce qu'il faut pour aller à Montréal? Tout est au top? Tu me donneras bien de tes nouvelles. Quand à moi, beaucoup de choses on changées dans mon orientation... je ne sais pas où j'en suis. Mon père veut que je fasses une école de lutherie après mon bac, mais c'est son opinion, il ne m'influence pas. Mais j'en sais rien, parce que, c'est la meilleure école de France, voir d'Europe question lutherie, et, ils en sélectionnent 25 et quelques sur les 200/300 personnes pour n'en garder que 11 finalement, c'est un truc impossible... D: Mais pour l'instant, question lycée, j'aimerais bien faire option Musique, c'est ce que je veux faire, mais, le lycée de ma ville ne fais pas. Je dois aller dans une assez grande ville, à 25minutes de chez moi, mais je devrais être interne!!! Ca me fait peur, je sais que certaines personnes qui ne veulent si plaisent finalement, mais je sais que moi non. La catastrophe..! Je n'ai pas envis d'être séparée de mes parents et de ma famille. Ni de perdre mes habitudes. Aucuns de mes amis n'y vont, ce n'est pas si important mais je ne connais personne là bas, juste ma cousine et elle est en première cette année. Gros problème pour moi. (j'ai l'impression d'écrire un roman sur ma vie, désolé x) !) Mais comme j'avais parlé un peu de ça avec toi y a longtemps.. je me confie ! ;D
Donc voilà.. ;)

Deuxième commentaire ! --->

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Deuxième commentaire -->

Tu m'avais très vaguement parlé de ça.. tu as un système immunitaire très faible..? tu es souvent malade? Qu'es qui t'arrives parfois..?
Question malade, je l'ai été très souvent cet hiver, encore cette semaine, et la semaine dernière j'ai eu la grippe Û_û ... très chiant...

Comment c'est passé ton bac blanc dis voir? J'espère que tu as remonté ta moyenne de Littérature comme tu le voulais? Et tu as passé l'Anglais? (comme tu dis, tu n'as pas du avoir de problème ;D)

Hah, j'imagines bien la tête du mec qui ta dragué à cette soirée en apprenant ton âge, il a du avoir l'air bête! xD Trop marant :D

Je ne sais pas si je vais aller au concert de SP à Strasbourg, comme je te l'ai dis, mon père ne veut toujours pas m'emmener, ça craint trop! et depuis le 16 mars, que mon amie ma raconté le concert à paris, j'ai trop trop envis d'y aller, je ne peux pas louper ça! C'est pas possible, il faut que je réussisses à le convaincre..!
Tu me raconteras comme c'est passé ton show? Je suis impatiente pour toi! Ca fait si longtemps que tu les supportes! :D

A bientôt, gros bisous ;D

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Yé té kiffé Manyta! :))

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yeah, good thing there's still something. :)

and I'm not sure I know the difference between yams and sweet potatoes... I've searched for some internet references before but I seem to not getting something here. haha. -kicked- well, this is probably what I think yams are:

but they might be sweet potatoes that I mistook as yams, so... heh. ^_^;

moving on, thanks for the answer. ;) I never knew that some of the countries in Caribbean and Africa speak French. I thought the people in Africa speak English and their native languages instead. haha. and sure, it's already cool that you're able to communicate well in English. and yeah, watching something authentic sure is nice. :)

r-really? well, in my place, they sell foods like butter, cheese, and so on. XD haha, Kraft paper... couldn't imagine the relation between the products Kraft made here and paper. -slapped- good luck with the search! ;D

-sigh- thank you, then. :') and that's cool that you get excited a lot. hard to imagine how you'll feel during the morning on the day the concert is held. haha.

glad that it's okay for you. would be cool too if someone came to my place and speak with a French accent. well... too bad my school never really has anything like student exchange program. heh.

thanks, too. and thank you too for all the great conversation. I also love to learn and already learned a lot from you. thank you for all the shares and bonsoir, too. :)

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yeah, I guess that's really believable since your school itself is one of those that have a lot of classes and therefore, probably, tests. nice to hear that you'll be having two weeks off. hope you can have a great time resting and doing things you can't really do during busy school days. ;)

heh, that's a really nice principle. hope that by talking to you it can affect me, too -cause I'm kinda lazy, haha; slapped-. and thank you back. you do sound diligent. I don't know why. XD

oh, garsh... spring means flowers... the buildings in France sure would look beautiful with all the flowers. :'D and thank you for telling me about all the dates. I never knew about them -only the months- except for June 21 cause of... well, a reason that we both know. :P and hearing all these smart geography stuff from you, now I wish for a special week in a year where I can just google or wiki everything I wanna know about the other side of the world. -slapped-

and thank you so much. I hope you can stay healthy and that your dream of visiting a lot of countries can come true, too. :D

nice to hear that you're happy, then. it must be quite serious that it prevents you from going to school, hmm? :/ -sigh- hope there won't be much absence now... and thank you, too. haha. I feel a bit pleased when you said you like tea. XD -kicked- I wonder what kind of tea available there in France, though. mind telling me? :) thanks.

glad that it's a pleasure and that's cool that your school gets a lot of exchange students... sounds like an international school for me, somehow. :P and New York sure is a busy and really modern city. I can see why the statement is easy to believe, too. heh.

ah, merci pour the correction. so... it's supposed to be 'tu es géniale', hmm? :) and thanks for the info about 'bon voyage'. I think 'voyage' is also a word in English, hmm? and there's one more 'bon' that I remember: 'bonbon'. XD my grandma loved to use that word to describe candy, so it kinda sticks in my head. haha.

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awwww *_________* I miss you too !

now, the weather is better, I guess...but it´s different every day xD

Oh, school sucks like every year, i think, but this year it´s harder because I´ll change school next year.

And you´rs?

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hey Manye!

we haven´t talked for a while... How are you?

Im fine, school sucks and the weather is awful :DD

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Tu perds de ton power pitoune! Allez, hop hop hop!

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thanks for understanding. off all Western European languages, I probably only know the difference of pronunciation in Spanish and British English... not lots of French stuffs on TV except that Ratatouille show... -___-; haha.

and yeah, sometimes it's not just that, but up until now, I actually still don't know the difference between sweet potato and yam... heh. and I'm so happy you wanna help me out with French. if you wanna learn more things in Indonesian, maybe you can let me know too so I don't sound too troubling. XD -slapped- thanks again.

ah, that's cool to know... I personally don't know what other countries that speak French besides France and Canada... did Seychelles speak French? ^_^; well, in the end, I figure that you must be really lucky and educated that you can use English really nicely, then. and I think I can understand the feeling of wanting to see a show in its original version. it's just more... authentic, it seems. :) heh.

thanks back. oh, yeah, there's Kraft there, too, hmm? hope you can find one, then. XD

okay, so... sorry again cause I trouble you in the first place, but I think I already understand it a bit more now. the wikipage said that 'laminated' is like going through a process of being prisoned in a certain suit, so I guess it's like being put in jail...? haha. now I understand why the guys said 'David's been a bad boy'. I seem to forget that part when I asked you. hope you enjoy the video, so I don't completely trouble you, by the way. ^_^; heh.

thanks and that's all cool to know. ;D haha. I have a feeling it'll be the most exciting one for you, too. well, days sure roll fast... nice to see that you already seem excited now. XD

heh, I can imagine how funny it'll be when you move to Montréal. but isn't it actually your accent that'll be thought as funny there? :P haha.

and thank you, too. what a nice way to close my day: responding to you then listening to more SP. heh. bonsoir and au revoir for now. :)

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thank you, too. and... you're tired? well... maybe you should take some rest, then? ^_^; but if replying actually can make you feel more energized, then thank you so much for doing it despite the condition. it's always been nice to hear from you. :)

ah... now that doesn't sound like a holiday to me that you still have to study. haha. -slapped- good luck with the test, anyway. ;) I don't know why, but I feel like you'll handle it well, especially cause you seem diligent. heh.

thanks for the info, too. that sure is a drastic change of temperature between summer and winter there. ^_^; I guess spring and autumn sound friendlier to me. haha. and yeah, both Canada and Russia sure have thick snows, from what I've seen in TV... and I think you summarize it all right. :) I don't think the period of each season is clear anymore here, but seeing a few of my classmates starting to have some flu and cough -hope they get well soon ^_^;-, I guess sick season is already here. haha. and I guess there's always sickness everywhere in the world... ^_^; and that's cool that you think of the possibility coming here. hope you enjoy the visit if you really do come, then. ;D

ah... sorry to hear that. I guess it's hard to tell through the internet that you're easily sick, but hope it doesn't hold you much on daily life... ^_^; and that's just so cool... tea and cake for the whole year...? -sigh- you make me want some of them right now. XD -slapped-

now your school seems so cool to me -cause my school never has exchange students or anything like that- and glad that you can keep her company during her stay. it sure is interesting to hear stories from side of the world that we don't know. :) and, heh, I'm happy too cause you're willing to share them with me.

merci... :'D tu es génial pour telling me all that. things I also learned from SP. haha. so... how about 'bon voyage', if I may ask? does that also mean 'goodbye'? :3

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Mais en fait, y a juste un problème pour y aller.. psq c'est assez loin et mon père a la flemme.. j'espère qu'il voudra encore nous emmener.. :'(
J'imagine pas sinon.. Catastrophe..
Je vais me suicider x) Il peut pas gacher ça! xO
Et toi, tu y va avec qui..? ;)

Non, je ne crois pas que je te l'avais dis.. c'est The Aerial. Un groupe de Nancy.
Oui, ca peut être sympa :D

Bisouuus et bon weekend :D

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Haha, on est des pauvres filles alors! Je comprends ta peine à tout réecrire xD C'est très embêtant :S

Oui en fait, ça fait 3semaines que j'ai fais mon stage, et je dois le rendre pour... dans un peu moins de deux semaines.. il me reste à tout mettre au propre, réajuster des trucs et faire ma lettre de remerciement..
Tu l'as fais où ton stage..?

Moi aussi j'ai été malade! Je le suis encore enf ait.. ça fait depuis mon stage.. donc trois semaines! J'ai vraiment pas de chance sur ce coup là.. j'ai eu tout! La gorge, la tête, le nez, la voix.. et là, c'est la toux! J'ai des crises de toux, horrible. Au point d'en avoir des crampes et des courbatures.. :o Donc quand je tousses, je suis plier en 4.. D:
Moi je suis déjààà en vacaaaances euuuh :P Mais pareil, j'ai plein plein de révision.. :o J'ai des épreuves communes dans toutes les matières à la rentré (et on a été prévenus à la dernière minute.. --'), 2 dms, mon rapport de stage, et puis des trucs pas ci par là tu vois.. Ca craint.. :o

Ah d'accord, bah c'est Rihanna alors.. :) Oui tu as raison, ça change! Mais c'est bien je trouve.. j'en reviens toujours pas x)
Oui il est vraiment trop génial cet album :D
Ouui à chaque fois que je regarde Paradise, je suis en extase! Mais je me pose toujours pleins de questions du genre: mais comment ils font pour jouer de la guitare avec le gants d'élèphants..? et, pourquoi le bassiste est le seul à avoir des chaussures..? Mdr! Pas toi..? :$
C'est vraiment une réussite oui!

Mdr, te sens pas si vieille :P Tu fais quel âge..?
J'aime bien faire plus vieille que mon âge (même si je dirais pas ça plus tard x)) parce que, les gens que considère avec un peu plus de maturité :D (a) Hiihi xD
(Je vais noter la date de ton anniversaire ;D)

Prooomis je te raconterrais tout! C'est quand le tiens de concert.?
J'y vais avec une amie à moi, qui aime beaucoup beaucoup (pas plus que moi ;P) Haha.

Deuxième com.. --->

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Parce-qu'ils sont à Strasbourg le lendemain de notre passage pour SP. Mais on ne peut pas rester à Strasbourg dormir (et c'est à 2h30 de chez nous). On ira les voirs le 9mars normalement...

Désolé, je dois te laisser, à bientôt..!

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Donc, (mdr), désolé, vraiment pour le temps de réponse, et puis des fois, je rentres, je suis crevée et je me connecte rapidement, ou j'ai la flemme des fois (je l'avoue :$)...

Bref, en fait, mon stage c'était les stages de troisième tu sais. J'étais dans un magazin de musique, donc je me suis un peu ennuyé, mais je m'entendais bien avec le mec.
Mais pour l'instant, mon seul problème c'est mon rapport de stage, je suis en vacances depuis vendredi soir et je dois le rendre après mes vacances.. et j'ai pas le courage de bosser dessus.. et mon père veut m'aider, mais franchement, j'ai pas envis de me prendre la tête avec ça.. --'

Et toi alors, comment vas tu depuis ces quelques semaines passées sans se parler..? ;)

Dis, je voulais te demander.. la chanson "Princess Of China" est en duo avec... Rihanna..? C'est la même voix! Mais ca m'étonnerais trop sur ce coup.. Coldplay & Rihanna.. mouais. Mais la chason est vraiment bien tu as raison.
Mais j'aime vraiment beaucoup Charlie Brown, UP IN FLAMMES!!!!, Major Minus et bien évidement Paradise et Every Teadrop Is A Waterful.
Tu as vu le clip de Charlie Brown? J'adore vraiment! J'aime trop leur nouveau style, au groupe. Ca fait fun, c'est vraiment unique mais sans avoir changer leur style de musique ;D

Je sais plus pourquoi tu me demandais ma date de naissance, mais c'est le 10 Aout 1997, et toi? (je ne fais pas mon âge, je fais 16/17ans :$) ;)

Et tu sais quoi?! Je vais aller voir Simple Plan normalement en concert!!! Tu n'imagines pas comment je suis soulagée de savoir que je vais enfin les voirs! Hiii ? Le 20 Avril.
C'est un festival, y aura pleins d'artistes, dont Pony Pony Run RUn, Stuck In The Sound et We The Kinds! Y en a d'autres mais qu'on aime pas, alors, on partira quand on en aura marre psq ceux qu'on aime passent en premier ..! SP ne seront sur scène que pendant 1h30 mais bon.. c'est déjà ça! :')
Le groupe que je voulais voir à Nancy n'y sera pas finallement, j'irais le voir à un autre moment.
2e com:

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Ouui c'est vrai --'
Mais, je t'envois un premier commentaire, pour te dire que je vais t'en laisser un deuxième (je prévois), mais que, si tu ne le vois pas, c'est que j'ai abandonné parce que mon ordi a beuguer... blablabla.. --' Haha, je suis prévoyante ;D


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and yeah, that sure is one of the most amazing moment. :') and it is my first concert. great that I start out with SP -I don't think I'll watch other artists cause I'm just literally saving for SP, though, haha XD-. and thank you back. :)

thank you so much. I do remember some stuffs. XD heh. and it sure is ironic and funny about the French accent they have. well, I guess it can be entertaining, too, somehow.

thanks again for the engaging talk! wish to talk to you again. ;D

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and I think it's possible that it's the doria you meant. after all, the game itself was made in Japan and I just bought the English version. :) and thank you too for all of the valuable informations you've given me.

t-thank you... :'3

heh, that's interesting about the 'pain au chocolat'. I wonder why sometimes they name things kinda differently from how they taste and such, though... ^_^; and the 'croissant aux amandes' sounds nice. haha. I feel like my French is expanding slowly by talking to you. that's really nice. thanks! X)

well, yeah, I guess dubbing is needed since it's a kid show and not all kids in French understands English, now that I think of it. and I can see what you mean by that. XD also, interesting share about the cheese... well, I usually brought the one Kraft -a brand- made. they have two kinds of cheese products that I know: the one that's block-shaped -like butter- and the thin ones that look like pieces of thick paper. I like them especially when they're grated, that's what I can tell you. :)

no problem and you don't have to promise, but thanks, anyway. ;3

thanks again and by the way, would you mind to do me a favor and watch a certain interview -sort of- that I found a few weeks ago?'s just that David said something that I don't get again there. XD -slapped- well, after reading the wikipage about the stuff related to David's sentence, I'm afraid I still don't get it. haha. I wonder if you can help me out. thank you before. :D

here's the link:

if you haven't seen it, then I think it'll be nice cause perhaps it can entertain you and you won't feel too troubled by my request... ^_^; haha. sorry and thank you again for the help.

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garsh... sorry to hear that. glad that you seem to be healthier now. -sigh- thank you so much for taking your time to reply to me despite your condition which has just recovered... :') and thanks for telling me not to worry. heh.

also, thank you back and thanks for telling me about that. well, that's cool that you're going to have holiday in March, so hope you can keep struggling with your busy schedule until then. XD

haha. I believe it does sound like a paradise for people who live at such cold place like you. XD I sometimes sweat just by sitting in the car on my way home from school, which is kinda odd cause the rainy season currently hits here and it barely rains... oh, I guess I better answer your question first. so, yeah, we have dry season, rainy season, and another season that marks the changes between one season to another, I guess... ^_^; well, it can probably be described as sick season since a lot of small-scaled illness such as flu or cough usually comes on that season. XD -slapped-

and garsh... I don't know if I'll survive there but I believe your body, upon living there for a long time, had built up some kind of immunity somehow. and thank you for telling me about all that. what comes to my mind right now is a glass of hot sweet tea and cake... -drool; slapped- and I never know about Columbia not having season, so thanks for telling me about that, too. :)

ah... didn't think of that at all... ^_^; so... does that mean that cause 'bonjour' means good morning, 'jour' means morning? haha. thank you for all the info. and, heh... thanks. ^_^;

...I don't think I ever eat raw onions before but good to know that it's edible. cooked onions sure are tasty; I share the same opinion with you on this one. ;) and... well... I guess it does sound like Italian... although 'ratatouille' somehow sounds a bit like Italian too to me now. ^_^; ah, I'm not used to the languages, I guess... sorry...

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J'en ai trop ras le bol de mon ordinateur! Je vais le jetter par terre si il refait encore une fois le coup du "bug" .. :@
Je répondrais quand je serais chez mon père, psq lui il marche.. --'
Psq je crois que, le site de SP fait buger mon ordi, je sais pas trop pourquoi, mais que quand je suis sur cette page il s'arrête. Sinon il marche très bien.. C'est bizarre x)

Mais bon! x) Bonne fin de weekend :D A bientôt ;D

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Sorry for writting back so late ...
I am alright :)

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yes, me too. From the the 3rd til the 12th

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Haha! Ça me surprend pas de toi que tu te québec-ilises...XD
Ouais, je te comprends! Il y a des concerts que ma soeur en prenait pas beaucoup car elle avait l'impression de ne pas en profiter...Alors profites-en au max et tu prendras quelques photos, seulement assez pour avoir un peu de souvenirs après! :P
Non, j'ai recommencé le 10 :P

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ähm...I don´t know if it´s the same in France as here.
We have christmas holidays (two weeks) and we have "semester"-ferien at the end of the first half year (one week).

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Hé oui j'ai eu la chance d'aller à Hawaï l'été dernier !! J'ai passé 2 semaines sur l`île de Maui où nous avions loué une maison !! Des plages magnifiques, des paysages à couper le souffle, des volcans et des restaurants fabuleux !! Le paradis !! Moi qui aime la chaleur c'est l'endroit rêvé...jamais trop chaud, jamais trop froid. Les 2 plus belles semaines de ma vie !! Et les gens sont tellement gentils !! Si je connaissais seulement une personne qui habitait là je déménagerais !! Mais je ne veux pas te décourager, Montréal est quand même une belle ville :D En arrivant en Août tu auras le temps de te préparer pour l'hiver !! Si tu étais arrivée maintenant tu ne trouverais pas ça trop difficile. Nous avons un hiver assez facile, pas trop de neige et pas trop froid :D

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Coucou! C'est juste pour te dire que je suis désolé, mais que, moi non plus je n'ai plus le temps! Je suis en stage toute cette semaine et je sors à 19h! :O Je te répondrais sans doute dimanche soir, psq chez mon père, les sites comme facebook ou même sont bloqué à cause de son fichu antivirus! :@ Passe une bonne fin de semaine, bisous! ?

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haha. I don't think apologize is necessary, but thanks, anyway. I'm actually the one that usually replies kinda slow, so sorry, too. in the end, I hope I can keep replying. :) thank you for responding again and glad that you're back here. so... did school get really busy lately? hope you can do your best, then. heh.

and thanks for asking. I'm not really sure but I think some of my friends that celebrate Christmas celebrate it with family gathering as well. that's always nice. X) and, haha, the air conditioner in my room is set on 18° C and I usually already feel cold after a while. but I guess it's something usual for someone who lives at a snowing country like you. ...cold weather makes me think of food. haha. you eat a lot during cold season like this? XD

thank you back. ;3

and... erm... 'bon' seems like a greeting, so... erm... 'French welcome'? XD -random guess; slapped- and nice to know that. yeah... plus, a CD is something that we can play over and over again, while dish isn't something re-eatable... heh.

thanks and thank you too for understanding. :)

thank you for telling me about them in the first place. ;D and yeah, onions are just tasty. I never really know any dish that uses it as its main ingredient, though. heh. and thank you for telling me that it's Italian... hmm... even 'insalata di caprese'? cause that sounds really French to me. ^_^; and 'doria' is a Japanese food? ...garsh, the graphic in the game makes it look kinda like gratin, though. -slapped-

anyway, thank you again for all of the informations. I'm kinda confused cause French dishes seem to have a lot of varieties. haha. XD but that's good, of course. and about the game... erm... it's Harvest Moon and the recipes appear in one of its series in the DS platform. :D

-sigh- ...thank you so much. I hope I can keep trying my best to avoid doing anything that might be bothering, then. :')

traces of teacups's picture

haha. my country sure loves to develop unique flavors and stuffs, so I guess that can be confusing, sometimes... and thank you so much for the info. 'pain' means bread, then? ;) about the link, thanks back. haha, there's even an almond one, if I remember it right. ...again, it can be really confusing. XD

ah, they dubbed it there? that's really cool! ;D thanks for telling me. hope you can watch it someday, then. heh.

yeah, I can see that... and, erm... not expensive, hmm? well, I guess that's possible... and good thing they still have local cheese here that isn't expensive. I actually never bought any imported cheese but I believe they'll cost me a lot. XD

cool. maybe said something like 'bon appetit' in each language, too. :3 if you ever wanna try Indonesian, then I'd be really happy to tell you that the phrase is 'selamat makan'. heh. and sure... would be interested to hear your thoughts on the experience; I mean, eating with hands.

ah, so it does have no meaning... -___-; thank you for telling me. the tone he used when he speaks sure is unique and funny. :P well, that makes a lot more sense now. thanks again.

thank you back and... yeah... I guess that's just a random thought about cheese yogurt. ^_^; haha.

and, heh, I guess so...

anyway, thank you so much for asking about the concert. well, like most people, I sure think that it's really amazing. ;) well, I can't remember a lot of stuffs but I'm really having fun jumping and singing and all the fans sure are loud. haha. the guys also bring a lot of surprises to us and... garsh... it's just so cool and I hope you have a great time too later on April. X)

...I hope the show would be longer than ninety minutes, though. :P -slapped-

and, ah, the guys also pronounce Indonesian words really fluently, in my opinion. that's just so cool that they don't make the accent most foreigners have when saying some Indonesian phrases. :3 heh. it's so fun and hope the guys bring more surprises on their European tour!

Pow's picture

LIHSjsfgns;fb jns;rhnwph2yhbqu4h [24h8j[basBKJBFZlkjxvnb;dj kja ;jabLKBVAD;;kjsnb;sjk s;fnbjbna'LDF DOVBJHVlhbdflvhd l fab;gi jjb aba ijvsbdljn ogh[qei na;iv h386y hqp;gat 93=y9eah 9ut 3=y u[wGH T [3HGUG 0E E IGUB E E lgrib PUWIRG Puhgu ghphgPUH GPSUHpuehg pseubp wuehapeuhg pebhe isx

Là je dis n'importe quoi :x

Pow's picture

C'est pas moi qui le dit, c'est le site lui même! ;-p

Charlie_Percussion's picture

ah, same thing here. Every teacher wants us to study more than we can and they think that there is only their subjekt and we don´t have to learn anything else. That sucks.

Sonia's picture

Moi je te trouve vraiment courageuse !! Je suis aussi assez indépendante mais quitter mon pays toute seule je ne pense pas que j'aurais le courage !! Si j'avais ce courage je déménagerais quelque part où il fait toujours chaud ...comme HawaÏ :D De tous les endroits où je suis allée c'est mon endroit préféré, un vrai paradis !! J'espère que tu te plairas à Montréal :) Tu arrives quand ?? À la fin de l'été j'imagine !! As-tu déjà trouvé où tu vas habiter ?? Je t'avais dit que je posais beaucoup de questions :D

Pow's picture

Mais en fait toi tu viens tous les jours ici ;-p

Charlie_Percussion's picture


yeah, we are. :)

I had a great time, I think. I had to learn for a maths test but it wasn´t that bad.
on Monday I´ll have my last test in this "semester" (is it the same word in english?) so it´s okay.
And you?

Sonia's picture

Il y a malheureusement aussi des Québécois qui ne sont pas gentils :D Mais c'est vrai qu'en général nous sommes un bon peuple !!

C'est cool ce que tu vas étudier !! Est-ce que c'est à l'Université de Montréal ?? Je te trouve bien courageuse de t'éloigner de chez toi comme ça !! Est-ce que tu viens ici seule ou avec une copine ?? (ou un copain :D ) Connais-tu des gens à Montréal ?? Je suis curieuse non ??

fille-de-montréal-love-SP's picture

c'est ENCORE FULL PLUSSE HOT SANS NEIGE! WOAH! c'est le paradis chez toi!!! :D

si tu meurs gelée, je vais te réveiller dans 50 ans;) la cryogénisation devien a la mode! haha!;)

Charlie_Percussion's picture

I´m not a pie!!! I´m a cookie :PP

aw, it doesn´t matter, it´s not just your´s ours! :)

great that you´re fine :) I´m fine too (I think so) and yeah, everything is alright.

Kiffmeyer's picture

Hey how are you ? :)

fille-de-montréal-love-SP's picture

0 degé presque pas de neige! c'est le PARADIS! :D

c'est sur que tu vas régresser! haha jte niaise...

ouain, cé ptete une meilleure idée de l'acheter ici... mais vu que tu déménage en août, tas en masse de temps pour le choisir! surtout qu'avec le réchauffement climatique, l'hiver s'en vien de plus en plus tars...

Sonia's picture

C'est vrai que les Québécois sont suis mal placée pour dire le contaire !! Et puis tu seras dans la ville d'origine de SP !! Tu vas étudier en quoi ??

Charlie_Percussion's picture

Manye! We haven´t talked for so long!

Okay, maybe it´s my fault because I´m not often on at Facebook, but I have nearly no time :/

How are you?

Sonia's picture

J'ai lu ton commentaire sur le profil de Mathilde....désolée !! Je voulais te féliciter et te souhaiter la bienvenue à Montréal !! C'est une belle ville mais il faut que tu saches que l'hiver est froid...non glacial :D

fille-de-montréal-love-SP's picture

je sais... jaime sa le froid:) mais je DÉTESTE la neige! aujourd'hui, ya faitte -10 pis on considérai ça... chaud! tu peu tu imaginer sa!

je sais qu'on a évolué... mais quand je regarde ma soeur, mon pere et mon prof d'histoire, je me pose de sérieuses questions la dsu...

wahha! trop contente pour twaaaa! :) faudra que tu t'achete un manteau hyper chaud... pour l'hiver si tu voi cque jve u dire... ;)

LeslieA's picture

Coucou! Je ne sais pas si tu as zappé ou peut peut être que tu n'as plus le temps, mais tu n'as pas répondu à mon dernier message ..?
Bye bye ;D

traces of teacups's picture

about the croissant, I think it's just my memory... I mean, I remember eating something but maybe it's not croissant; cause apparently I can't find the croissant with the random spices kind of topping. :/ well, I found the chocolate one, though. and I think that tastes different from normal chocolate bread, but I think I'll feel more of it if I taste regular croissant instead...

but anyway, thank you so much for all of the explanations. here's the link for the chocolate croissant:

haha, the way you wrote it made me remember how the female chef pronounced it. I like her accent. XD

...ah, is that so? -sigh- I thought imported stuffs are always more expensive. I mean, you can't plant rice in France, can you? ^_^;

and cool to hear your habit of trying to blend in with the country's eating tradition. sounds like a lot of fun, too. ;) well, if you wanna feel the real Indonesian experience, then I suggest you to use your hand! haha.

th-thank you so much for the trouble finding the link, but... I still don't understand about it. ;___; so, it truly has no meaning? it has nothing to do with him claiming that he wants to steal the banana, right? sorry for my slowness. haha. ^_^; and thank you.

ah, sorry and glad to hear that... I'm glad cause you're not sad cause of it. :) and that's nice for you. also, thanks; I still type like that in cellphone, though. I guess it just takes too much time, in my opinion, to type there, so... heh.

thanks again. ;) and about the yogurt, thank you for the info. it's nice to hear that. I wonder if they have cheese yogurt there, cause that'll just be odd to me. double milk, different taste. haha. XD -slapped-

agreed. :3 and about the castles, thanks. I guess every country's castles has its own uniqueness, hmm?

traces of teacups's picture

hmm... I guess that can be true. maybe the 'falling in love' kind of thing is the one that later makes us decide to love them. yeah, it sure is. thank you for the share. it really brings a new perspective to me. :) thank you again.