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About Me: 
Live in NYC, work at Universal Music Group. For Simple Plan fans, you may know me from when I used to do my site -
New York
snowboarding, baseball games (Yankees!)
Favorite Bands: 
Simple Plan, Foster the People, Taking Back Sunday, Paramore
United States
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What's your favorite Simple Plan song?: 
Perfect World


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Miss you around here Amanderz! :) Hope you're doing great! <3

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Aw, thanks! I am doing well. How are you?!

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I have a question and maybe you can help me!
I entered the SummerParadiseContest but I took the wrong URL. Do you know what I can do now? I mean because it's not allowed to enter a second time!

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Hello Amanda,
Could you please confirm us if Simple Plan is going to play in Valencia on June 22nd and in Bilbao on June 23rd?
Thank you very much :)
Best regards,

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I really want to see SP Live in Concert but I don't have the money to travel and go see them on their recent tour :( So it would mean the world to me if they came here to Puerto Rico!!


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do you know where Seb buys his sunglasses? because they are very cool!

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hope you read my longggg comment below!
i really hope you get the chance to read it, because it would mean the WORLD to me..
i love simple plan more than anything in the world.
thanks! xx

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Hi Amanderz ! i was wordering if you would listen to what happen to my brother ok .... in 2006 my brother won a contest from "Rolling Stone" so he got to go fly out and meet SIMPLE PLAN and go see one of there concerts and he also got to take a photo with them and it was put in the rolling stones magazine on it came out right on his B-Day (Febuary ,24, 1990 and then in 2009 he drowend in Lake Caroline and me and my family suspect it was his freinds ( Jesse Reyes , Jeff i dont know his last name ) and my dad said he knows it wasnt an acsident becuase hes been ableto swim since he was three . And my dad hired an investigator to help but he didnt help at all and his freinds are to afraid to talk . So now we only have some clues but we need to know what happend to him and we really need you guys help so im asking if you could please try to advertise what happen to him and if you find out anything please tell me . THANX for reading this !!!!:) Oh ya my brothers name is Oscar, Nathan, Hernandez jr. please help

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i hope you read my comment below!!
simple plan is my everything, and i hope you can help me find out if they read my letter!! :)
thanks amanderz xxx

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Hi amanderz :)
please read my comment below! it would mean so much to me if you answered!
much love xxx

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Amanda please help us.We wants Simple Plan come to Turkey. #SPinTurkey2012 Turkish Astronauts LOVE SPfamily.All Fans waitng to helps :) Love ya..

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Hi amanderz :)
I tried everything possible, but I can't seem to get the attention of the guys from Simple Plan :(
I was at their Tokyo concert on the 23rd (jan.) and I heard that there would be a meet and greet... so I made a fan letter and was so excited to get to meet them in person, but then I found out that there wasn't one anymore... I was pretty sad :(
Then I met one of the members of the opening band of the concert, Ten Second Epic, and he told me he could help me give the letter to Simple Plan for me!! :)
I wrote down my twitter and my email, hoping that they would read it and make me the luckiest girl in the world by just sending me a quick message or letting me know that they received the letter. I'm still worried that perhaps they didn't get it...
So I was wondering, if you could help me ask them whether or not they got it and just tell me what they thought about it! :)
It would mean SO SO much to me, because they are my life, they inspire me, they make me happy, they just mean SO much to me. They were absolutely AMAZING live and it was a day I'll NEVER forget!
I hope you will understand me...
I'm just a 15 year old trying to reach her dreams... :)
so much love and thanks,

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can you please add a track of Auld lang syne in your playlist? i really appreciate it..heheh..i just love the way how you sang it last new year;))

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Hey, I know you might hear this a lot, but I wanted to ask if the guys might add some shows in Germany? ... it's just that the one in Cologne is sold and I wanted to buy the tickets after Christmas, because of the money etc. ... but today I searched for the concert and all the tickets are sold :/ It's too bad because that would have been at least one thing to look forward to :( ... I hope you read this! :)

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Is it cost something to assist at the New Year Party in Niagara Falls ?

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Probably the most viewed profile on! XD

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uhhh... I have no idea if you'll answer this or even know it, but, do you know what month Simple Plan will be in AP magazine? I've looked for it, but, couldn't find it:(

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Hi Amanda, I really want to ask you a question that the guys have not answered in ages - Will all the guitar tabs from the simple plan sheet music be posted into the website, cos i really wanna know how to play simple plan songs that i cant find the tabs for! thanks for your time - i hope you can get back to me!

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oi amanderz

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Thanks for answering my question Amanda! :)

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Hi Amanda I posted my entry through twitter with the # for the tour entry and it hasn't along with others been posted on the map, I took it with my iphone 4s and did the instagram thing and i'm not sure if it counts as an entry, do you have to put the entries up on the map?

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Thank you SO MUCH Amanda, really!

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Hi Amanda, I'm Beba, and I'm here because I do really use a little help... I don't even know if you can help me, but I think this it's worth a try... I was featured a few months ago ( but Youtube removed my video for copyright infrangment... I'm so sad about that, my video was just a tribute, a present for Simple Plan, and thanks for the feature in the official website, they even knew I used their track... do you think you'd be able to help me? I'm like pleading you...
Thanks anyway, Beba from Italy.

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Hi Amanda. I tried to upload a picture at but there always appears a box with "you can only upload images here" in it.
I tried it different ways, but nothing worked.
What should I do now?

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Greatly appricated your tribute for the fans/Simple Plan keep up the good work

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Simple Plan informs the Slovakian fan site please

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Hey, I'm from Trinidad in the West Indies. Simple Plan recently went to Venezuela and was wondering if you can put in a word to ask the guys to come Trinidad it's right next to Venezuela. The countries are so close from each other from deep south of the island (I believe) you can see Venezuela.

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Hello! I'm a brasilian fan, and I love Simple Plan very much!
I wanna Know if Sp will come to Porto Alegre- RS Brazil.
Please answer me!! I need know this!
I need see Simple Plan here in Porto Alegre!
My email is:

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Sorry, I have forgotten my email
plase answer me :)

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Hi Amanda. i hope you read this :),
I've seen that now exist in Italian ,(Im from Italy)
But it is not updated from August 22,
Can i ask you if i can translate your post for the italian section of the site.
Because in italy there are many SP's fans and have the italian section is a great idea but it needs to be updated , so can i do something ? :)

Please answer me.

Take you care.

SimplePlan saved my life

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Hey Amanda, desculpe por escrever em português, mas você pode me dizer quando o sp vem ao Brasil? Obrigada.

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Hi Amanda I have a question well is more a petition. My birthday is the same day as David's and I'm wondering if they do like a blog to wish David a happy b-day can they say happy birthday to fer hinojosa too. thtat will be a great birthday gift if they cant there's no problem but that would be amazing. Thank you very much.
P.S- sorry for my english.

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Helloo amanda!

I hope Im not bothering you, could you watch this video, is the spanish version of jet lag.
by Mexican fans!

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hello amandaaaaaaaaa!! this is steph.. remenber me?

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Hi Amanda! Just wanted to ask how you got to where you are. I know you started out with Simple Plan Online, and now you're working at Atlantic Records! What was your success story? Because honestly I'm a college student struggling with the fact of what job am I going to land once I'm out. I really admire how far you've come and if you have any tips?

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hi Amanda! i'm ilaria and i'm from Rome, Italy! can you ask to all members when they will play a true concert at Rome? thanks a lot :) kisses ;)

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Amanda, i have a question about the sign contest. I have a really unique sign i created but it's not huge, it's probably 20x14 or so. Do the guys have to see the sign from the stage to judge it or can you take it to the signing to show them? i had planned on getting it signed anyway.

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Amanda, I have been asking this question to everyone and everywhere but I still don't know the answer... I was hoping you could help me. It's about the guys show in Bilbao Festival in Spain, it's at midnight but I know if it is from day 20 to 21 or from the 21st to the 22nd... I would very very grateful if you answered :) Thank you, Mary :D

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yay thank you :)

Kortnie's picture

hey do u no if the sp merch tent at the warped tour sells posters because every concert i go to i always get a shirt and a poster?

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I don't know if you'll know this but will the guys be at their merch tent to sign and stuff? This is my first time ever seeing SP live, and when Warped comes to my state I was wondering if there'd be a time for me to meet them. It'd be the best day every :D

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hi,amanda! i wanna ask if i need to buy GYHO! CD online to register and access the exclusive SP stuff?? Cause it doesn't work when i insert my own cd.

Please help,thanks!!


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I can't believe you work at Atlantic Records! That must have taken a lot of work to get where you are now u r great! Well, Thank you very much for ur time thanks!

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Just dropping by to say... you rock! \m/ =D

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first hey you have the best job in the world mmm will be nice see the next single of sp freaking me out thats song is amazing and I wanna see the video with alex gaskarth thanks for your attention i dont know if you can do know to the guys this comment THANKS

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I spent two days looking 4 GYHO! not one store had them in my town. i thought i was having a nightmare! i finally found a walmart that had GYHO! there the only store in my town that them. and by time i found out they had it! they only had 2 copies left so i almost did not get it.. but im glad i got it because now there sold out! this album is really hard to find. but i can understand why the album fucking rock's!!!

SP_freak's picture

How long is standard delivery? I ordered the premium bundle, and I got an email saying it was shipped using the standard delivery method. How long is that period. I'm just anxious to get the CD and tshirt :) I got the digital downloads now I just can't wait for the CD

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Amanda, please post this on the website: Vote 4 SP on This competition is ending on 26/6. So hurry up, i'll wait to see this post

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Hi! When I went to chat with simple plan the other day on the website, it said that I needed to have a facebook, twitter, or ustreem account and I don't have any of those. Why can't I just use my Simple plan .com account?

Thank you