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    Tell everything about good experiences during SP's concerts that you're not gonna forget !

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on March 20, 2012 - 2:49pm

Tell everything about good experiences during SP's concerts that you're not gonna forget !

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In Mexico City, Chuck was leaving the Auditorium and he saw all crazy fans outside and he said "Hi" and I said "Hi" too, and he took my hand, it was a INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! :')
The same thing with David :'D

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when they came to mexico the last month, October 6th i went to their concert, i hada VIP ticked so they were so close to me, i wrote a letter and while they were play This song saved my life, Pierre <3 saw me, and started to walk , when he was in front of me, he took my letter, ^^ smiled me and he sang me :D it was the best moment in my life, i dont know if he read it, but he made me so happy :D
David and Seb just saw me and smiled me, i jumped like a crazy, was so funny, oh, and Jeff took me by the hand ... well i took his hand xD

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It was on the 14th of Febuary (which was my first time seeing them) and I got alot of merch (t-shirt, hoodie poster) and I got to see MTrench, and Simple Plan...
They put on the video (and I was laughing yet freaking out) and they came on preforming Shut Up, and played their set, and I screamed and sang along to every song, jumped around (I was in the stands so I almost fell forward a few times), they played Perfect and I was almost in tears (I am not sure, probably not at me, but I can dream. But Pierre pointed at my general direction and smiled...and I was by my dad)
It was an amazing night that I wish would last longer)

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I can see that all of you have amazing memories with Simple Plan, and I guess they have a lot with us as well ^^ So let's thank them by being the best fans ever \o/

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Finally getting to meet them after being a fan for ten years is definitely the highlight for me. They were so sweet, funny and genuine. My experience meeting them can be read on my Tumblr if you're curious. It looks like a mass of text but breaks up a quarter of the way through into a bit of a "script" format.

Strictly concert moments: There are a few moments I'll never forget. Especially in 2008 when my friend an I were against the barricade, close enough to actually touch the stage. During "Perfect" David spit water (what else is new?), and got some on us. While everyone around us was freaking out excitedly my friend and I reacted differently. We were like: "Ewwww, gross!" and wiping at our arms. When I looked up at the stage David was staring down at us and laughing at our reaction. I just smiled back like an idiot. Another moment during the same concert was when Patrick came over and stood right in front of us to take pictures during "Me Against The World". My friend and I laughed because he was totally blocking our view XD It was also his birthday when they were here and Sebastien brought a birthday cake out for him and the crowd sang.

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My best memories are not even them playing. Both were at Soundchecks. I gave Sebastien one of the extra pins that I handmade for my group that was going. And during song check he put his on his guitar strap. And as a thank you, he handed me one of his guitar picks. (I know that lots of people grab them from the air, or you could even get them when you bought merch, but he looked at me, lend over and handed it to me). Ive been tracking that pin ever since. Then in February I got to see them again and I got to thank Sebastien for still wearing the pin. And I handed the guys all a calendar each that I made for them (Simple Plan South Park style). And all the guys were shocked but it. and Pierre said "Wow! This has to be one of the most awesome gifts that a fan has ever give us!" I was so happy, and will always be happy when I look at my wall, knowing there are 5 others just like mine, owned by 5 amazing guys. :D

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One that comes to mind right now is the scar I got on my arm after their last show here in Brazil last November. I had to hold on to the barricade (FRONT ROW, YES *-*) with the underside of my arms and the girl behind me dug her nails into my arm cause she needed a grip on the barricade too. But I didn't let go, hahahah :P it bled and now hopefully I'll have it forever (L)

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catching the drum stick at their Berlin i will always have something to hold on to :D

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One of my best memories of the show I went to was when Pierre was just in front of me, there were only 3 or 4 metres between us, the guys were playing You Suck At Love, and I was just smiling and singing, like really into it, and he just made me a cute hand move just to say hi ^^

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Just seen the SP boyz in Edmonton as usual they put on a great show! The best was when they released all the beach balls. I am so glad my doughtier introduced me to this wonderful Canadian band. Keep up the great work guys and rock on!

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My best memory of Simple Plan is when I went to my third Simple Plan concert in Arizona. I was with my friend and we had made signs. I made one for Pierre and she made one for David. I remember when I held up the sign, Pierre pointed to it and said "I Love You, Too." And then Pierre, Jeff, Chuck and Seb remembered me from the second concert because of my Simple Plan hat with all the buttons. My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. It was truly amazing. Another awesome memory is that at my first Simple Plan concert on February 19, 2004 I got to meet Pierre, get his autograph & a photo! I still have that photo hanging up in my room. Last memory is my second concert I got to go backstage and when Pierre signed my photo of him, he said "look at that hottie." I smiled and agreed and then he winked me! I would not be here today if it was not for Simple Plan. I love you guys so very dearly!

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@Pia Fiona Awwwwwh yes that's so nice of him ! That's our Pierre :3

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Went on concert yesterday and the whole time it was absolutely amazing, but the best thing was when they sang and one girl broke down pierre stopped singing and asked if she was ok. so cute :)

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I only visited them once haha , and I think I'll nver forget the whole concert :P

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Haha, I fell in the crowd too XD 3 people were on my legs and I couldn't move x) but everyone was ok ;)

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I was at the show in Paris too, and I think the best moment EVER is when David asked everyone to take a step forward during I'd do anything :) He jumped in the crowd, I could almost touch him, and then everybody fell, David included ;) That was just amazing :D I agree with Constance, the whole show was sick! The best I've been to so far!

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XD I see ! The other day in Paris, David also asked to 6000 people if they would like to have a shower with him, and everybody said yes xP My best's hard to choose :P with Pierre, probably his strip tease when he sang I'm Sexy And I Know It XD With David, when I caught the pick he had played This Song Saved My Life with ^^ actually, the whole concert is a huge good memory

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Ohkayy, there are soo many! But, to pick one: David Desrosiers' birthday! Summer 2008! Molson Ampitheatre - Toronto, Ontario. The entire crowd sang Happy Birthday, and then, Patrick, (who used to tour with them, was their camera man) chased David around the whole stage with a cake trying to shove it in his face! Eventually, David went to Patrick, took the cake and shoved it in his own face! Then asked the crowd who was going to shower with him.