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Which song saved your life?

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    Which song saved your life?
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    (15 Dec '11)

    I'm Just a Kid. That's the most special song to my heart. It means a lot and boy did it help me in the 5th grade. What about you?

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on December 15, 2011 - 10:15pm

I'm Just a Kid. That's the most special song to my heart. It means a lot and boy did it help me in the 5th grade. What about you?

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I can definitely compare myself with "Welcome to my life" and I'm also pretty crazy about "This song saved my life." They make me think that it actually IS okay to be myself, and I am not the only one who feel this way. But on the whole makes their texts me just really happy.

But "shut up" has also suffered a significant, since it was the first song I heard by this amazing band and the song made ??me listen to them. And now .. Now I hear almost nothing but SP ;-)

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Jet Lag I dunno why but it's always the song that I stop at whenever I scroll my iPod probably cuz my super close friends are in another country and the time zone's making me crazy! LOL

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Shut Up..i know is kind of weird but it was the first song of Simple Plan that i listened to and if it wasn't for it i would have never met this amazing band, from that day on, they change my life with their music :)

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Me against the world.
Welcome to me life
the songs that made me feel not so alone.

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This song saved my life and Welcome to my life. But all Simple Plan songs you can related to.

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Perfect :D which ironically im listening to right now

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Same here, I'm just a kid. But that's because it was the first Simple Plan song I've heard :))

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I like all....but it's the Perfect that saved me :D

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@Addicted - Your not the only one. One is pretty special to me as well..
- The future is ours it's in our hands!
But also Holding On!

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save you :)

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When i'm unhappy I listen all simple plan song... All of them save my life every day!!! :') they make me happy!!! :)
thanks simple plan for create these song!!!! :D

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Untitled :')

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Shut Up :)

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crazy; the music video is know?

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"Welcome to my life" saved my life

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"perfect" saved my life too :D

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"Perfect" saved my life,
When I get bad mark for my exam and my parents getting angry because of it, I say "Sorry I can't be perfect.."

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Perfect saved my life.....

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Welcome To My Life! \m/

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I'm one of the only people but, One

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cant keep my hands off you makes me feel happy :)

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mmmm simple plan didnt save my life but listen to SHUT UP helped me to save a friend´s life :D
people at school disturbed her and then i listened to this song and told her that this song say the things she had to say to the people who disturbed her .Now she is stornger because of me and SP :)

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i think shut up, this song saved my life, welcome to my life and perfect are the song that mean a lot to me, they help me be who i am today

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To add on my previous post, I'm stuck in a world where everyone hates me.

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Me against the world has always been very close to my heart, it's how I constantly feel. I'm constantly fighting a war with the world and I'm standing all alone.

Save you also saved me. I got a brain disease in 2010 and spent a lot of time in the hospital. First fighting for my life, then trying to get my sight back and the ability of walking, and then I had to want to be alive again. Being sick made me wanna fight for staying alive. But then when the pain was gone but I couldn't do anything because my legs couldn't carry my weight, then I wanted to disappear. But Save You gave me the strength to fight and improve. I still can't see very well, but I can walk and I can live a normal life.

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I'm Just a Kid, One Day, Perfect, Welcome to My Life, Me Against the World, Jump, Save You and Gone Too Soon and Astronaut. All those songs helped me (and will continue to help me) through all the tough times in life.Thanks SP- you da bomb! xx

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hm, they would have to be
I'm Just a Kid- first song ever heard by the most life saving band
Welcome To my Life- I answered yes to the questions, and I felt like it described my life
Perfect- because my parents have great expectations and are against the fact I don't want a job that they want me to, I just want to be a professional bass player

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Save you, thank you, one, welcome to my life, shut up, perfect world, everytime and jump.

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oh! also shut up!

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perfect. cuz that song make me realise that we just can't be perfect and it saved me of a lot of things...