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When was the first time you heard about SP?

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    When was the first time you heard about SP?
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    (11 May '11)

    I am very curious about how did you guys got to know the band. How did you get a notice about Simple Plan's existance? When did you first listen to their music? How did you fall in love with them?

    I first listened to I'm Just A Kid back in 2002 inside a record store and I remember NPNHJB being announced but it wasn't until 2004 when a friend brought her SNGA to class and I got to listen to Welcome To My Life; I felt very related to it, I felt they were telling the story of my life and said "I should totally check 'em out!".

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on May 11, 2011 - 10:08pm

I am very curious about how did you guys got to know the band. How did you get a notice about Simple Plan's existance? When did you first listen to their music? How did you fall in love with them?

I first listened to I'm Just A Kid back in 2002 inside a record store and I remember NPNHJB being announced but it wasn't until 2004 when a friend brought her SNGA to class and I got to listen to Welcome To My Life; I felt very related to it, I felt they were telling the story of my life and said "I should totally check 'em out!".

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It was when my friend was watching Simple Plan's I'm Just a Kid video in class and told me to watch, I fell in love and replayed that video over and over, I took (borrowed) his copy of NPNHJB, Later on I was having a bad time in my life, and he told me about Simple Plan and how they are a life saving band and they could help if I didn't want to talk to right he was :)

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I think it was latter than the others :/
I was 12 or 11... Well I was listenning their songs long time before but I didn't know them! :O
And one day, I found the band's name on the net and I immediatly bought the first album! :D
Since this day... I'm crazy about them x)
(I love you guys, thanks for your music, your kindness and all your love ?)

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I knew Simple Plan since 2003 (i was in the 3rd grade), heard them when surfing the net, but I thought they were just another band though i liked their music, however later on in life I began to self harm my self and one day I just had enough and I wanted to end it all, but whilst thinking about it Simple Plan's Welcome To My Life begin to play on the radio and from then on I have been a very faithful Simple Plan fan. Though no one knows this story I thank Simple Plan for a lot. I must say, they have not disappointed! They're amazing and caring.! I on the other hand is not very amazing however my life is so much better now and I am happy. One Day I Will Meet Simple Plan

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well it was in junior high (2002-2003) ppl started to ask me to get them poster of punk/rock band and so.. after a while i was wondering why they want them so started listining to GC liked them looked for more and founded SP and so much more.. and still loving it

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Welcome to my life was my first Simple Plan song. Since then ive been a really big fan! Simple Plan FOREVA! :D

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when I was 9. My dad played 'welcome to my life' from his pc and I enchanted with that song up till now.

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when i was 7 and saw their music videos on tv

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Haha, I still remember that. :)
My best friend was here and she alwys said: "hhey, you have to listen this song! I heart it yesterday and it's great!" Then she showed me "welcome to my live".
Then, here father called and told her she wasn't allowed to stay at my home for the night. He had allowed it first, but then...
Well, she was pissed an she asked me to listen to "perfect" - because she always had to be perfect for her dad.
And when she went home, I listened to Simple Plan often. And now I'm a bigger fan than she is. :D

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the first song i know they sang is What's new Scooby Doo LOL XD yeah,but its the truth even that song i listened hundreds times before knowing them more,then this year in July im kinda obsessed again with Harry Potter and Tom Felton and Youtube is my bestfriend,i found two fanmade vids of Harry Potter with Grow Up and Shut Up as the background song,i already guessed its their song and yep im right,then i think im curious about them(i think on 7th August 2011) and search in youtube(which i forgot what) but im pretty sure,the song Welcome to my life that got me!!=D then i search all about them,get to know the personnel names and then i watch Worst day ever(live in Quebec) then i fall for David XP and now i nearly have all their songs in my laptop which pisses my sisters cos im the only one into those kind of music since i was little but i dont care!!LOVE SIMPLE PLAN! =D

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My mom bought "Still Not Getting Any" and I was so exciting because they are french canadians, so I put it on and I was dancing in my living room and signing with my mom : "So shut up, shut up, shut up, don't wanna hear it!" I remember that it was a rainy day when I first heard them! I'll love them forever! ?

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I first saw them in the movie New York Minute,then i saw an advert for SNGA in a magazine&though "hey i know them",so i went & bought the album to see what they are like&after listening to "Jump"&"Shut Up" i was addicted to them =D

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I was 12 years old that's more than 7 years ago and i borrowed their cd ( still not getting anything) from a friend ! I loved it and now i'm still a big fan of simple plan!

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I first found SP on Youtube about a year ago. I watched their music video for "Perfect", but after "I'm Just A Kid", I was addicted to them! ;)

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the year 2003-2004 i was at my cousins house listening to the radio when the song perfect came on and i asked someone what band that was and they said simple plan ever since then they were and are my favourite band by far no one can compare to them i grew up to their music and still loving it

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My frst song would be Perfect !!! One thing led to another and then there's was TV , then they came to my country. Life's all good . =D

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I first heard I'm just a kid in cheaper by the dozen whenever it came out. I paid little attention to music back then, but I liked that song, i replayed the vcr like ten times to hear the song. I didn't really hear any simple plan again until I saw New york minute. Then I really got into simple plan my freshman year of high school in '07, the hook, Perfect.

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The first song I heard was Shut Up, and the same year they came to my country and I wanted to go so bad, but i was just 10 years old.

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Reset @ Underworld skate shop in montreal . i think we were 80 people in the room .. cant remember when .. think it was 1996-1997 , they were a local band .. . then i heard they were founding Simple plan in 1999 . i grew up in the Nofx , Bad religion , lagwagon , no use for a name , green day ( dookie ) era since 1993 .. . then came Blink 182 in 1997-98 with dude ranch . so punk rock is pretty much my whole life and think it will always will be . im 30 now and still love that music since im 11-12 . Been a long time . saw Reset at vans warped tour in 1997 too .

not the biggest die hard simple plan fan .. but they make nice top 40 mainstream pop/power rock /pop punk . their songs are catchy :) + their from montreal . :)

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the first time I heard SP was when i was watching cheaper by the dozen. I heard I'm Just A Kid and thought 'hey that's a good song' three years later I'm still listening to SP, :D

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Me and my memory, not that good friends, lol. I think Welcome To My Life was the first song I heard and it was probably because it was a new song with a band that was doing well at that time and people was listenting to it. :)

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I first heard of SP when I was 13 and one of my friends had downloaded a bunch of new songs. Back then I was kinda sad, and when my friend played "Welcome to my Life" I just had to have it (: after that I got NPNHJB for my birthday, and the rest is history ;D SP changed my life

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i just liked the song id do anything and mark hoppus band blink!

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Back in 2000, the song was Addicted. Been a dwindling fan until this album. Songs of there always on the ipod. :D

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It was back in 2003, I was just 8 years old and I was getting into bands like Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, and then I heard one song of them, can't remember wich song, I think it was Perfect. I instantly fell in love with them, and today, the feeling it's the same, and I think stronger. I just love them.

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I first heard "I'm Just A Kid" on the end of the movie The New Guy, in 2002. Also heard about them via Good Charlotte. Loved them ever since. Have all the albums - need to get the last one though.

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it was in 2004 and i was like 7 years old and i had just started really getting into music and finding the kind of music that i liked and i heard welcome to my life on the radio and i just fell in love with their music and the lyrics of all their songs (:

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The first time, it was in 2004 (I was 12 years old) when I saw their clip "Welcome To My Life" on the TV, I liked at once. I had never understood it previously, but the words came easily, as if the song spoke about my life. I did not become a fan at the time. I wanted bought the single "Welcome To My Life", but there was not any more, I then bought the album "Still Not Getting Any" and when I listened to the other titles, I had the love at first sight. I then chained the purchases of albums afterward!

It is very recently that I was able to see them for the first time during a private show in Paris. Their simplicity and the respect which they have to the fans make that I love them even more!

I am French, so sorry if there are some mistakes ! :)

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I saw "shut up" on tv and after that I absolutely wanted to have the album. so i went to the next store and when i finally found it, i noticed the song was on the radio at that moment! i had been so focused on getting the cd that i didn't hear it! magic!

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i saw "shut up" on tv and buy the album,i was amazed from all these very good songs and buy the debutalbum too...and from this moment on,i love this band!!!hope they never stop making music and rocking on the world :-)

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I heard welcome to my life one day while i was on the school bus and i thought that the band who wrote that were geniuses i looked them up on you tube later and i listened to some of there other songs and i instantly fell in love