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what's your favorite sp album?

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    what's your favorite sp album?
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    (16 May '11)

    what's your favorite SP album so far? mines No pads,,

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on May 16, 2011 - 12:06pm

what's your favorite SP album so far? mines No pads,,

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Simple Plan and Still Not Getting Any..., but the other albums are awesome too :)

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LOVE THEM ALL! like i srsly cant choose :)

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I had a difficult time deciding this when I was choosing which record booklet I wanted them to sign. I wanted them to sign the one I loved most and finally decided on "Still Not Getting Any" because I've probably listened to it the most and can relate to it best out of the four records.

Carol Donada's picture

HARDDDD question, but Get Your Heart On has the BEST of the three other albums.. so it's my fave.

Charlie_Percussion's picture

I really like all of them, but I think "no pads, no helmets...just balls" is my favourite

ann-bouvier's picture

Simple Plan and GYHO :D

emma_09's picture

I think No pads, no helmets just balls had the best name! :D but I love all of 'em!

aweSAM's picture

All !!!! they're albums are the best!!!!

GDSP's picture

Still Not Getting Any.. and Get Your Heart On ^^

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Still Not Getting Any...

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All!!:) but I think it GYHO and SNGA :)

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I think Simple plan or GYHO

Rebecka Jansson's picture

Mine is GYHO or SNGA

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Still Not Getting Any :D but I love all the others so much too

The Pies Endure's picture

Still Not Getting Any...but when GYHO comes out I may change my mind to it.

Chringel's picture

Simple Plan. ^^ But SNGA had the best artwork.

atutuiina's picture

still not getting any! :) no pads...had the best photos! xD